Winners of the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2014

Thank you to everyone for your patience, and for participating in this year’s SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2014! We wish we could give something away to every heart who entered. Please follow the directions on the reply to your winning comment on each post by emailing your shipping information and the item you won in the subject heading to sgm dot shipping at gmail dot com. We pray that this holiday season would be gentle to each of you, and that you would be able to soak in some time with those you love as we celebrate the birth of our Savior.

Christmas blessings to all…

Day 1 ~ Congratulations to Karla # 26 (Origami Owl Bracelet) and April Petz
(Heart Pendant)

Day 2 ~ Congratulations to Evonnie F. and Natalie Burley, You won the Sufficient Grace Tshirts!

Day 2 ~ Congratulations to Caitlyn #84, Kristen S. #19, Brianna Odom, Melissa Arconti, Lauren Marie #38 for winning the Dreams of You packages!
If you didn’t win and would like to order a package…we only charge parents the cost of shipping. You can request items here: Dreams of You Parents

Day 3 ~ Congratulations to Devon Hernandez! You are the winner of the Essential Oils/Diffuser Giveaway.

I will be answering all the questions to the Essential oils questions tomorrow and Tuesday by replying on the post. So, please check back on the SGM blog later tomorrow. You can also order doTerra oils and supplies here.

Day 4 ~ Congratulations to Amanda, commenter #40! You are the winner of the You Are the Mother of All Mothers book.
You can purchase a copy of Angela’s amazing book here.

Day 4 ~ Congratulations to Hannah Rose! You are the winner of the Sufficient Grace Book.

If you didn’t win the Sufficient Grace book, and you would like to purchase one, you can find links to do so here.

Day 5 ~ Congratulations to Toni Brabee. You are the winner of the Precious Moments Statue on Day Five of the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2014.

Precious Moments statues can be purchased on the website.

SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza Day 4 ~ Two Beautiful Books

I want to wax poetic about today’s giveaway, but I need to post this very quickly. I’m off to support a family about to meet their little one today…and need to make this brief.

First…one of my new favorite books to give to offer a piece of hope and understanding to grieving hearts, my dear friend, Angela Miller’s You are the Mother of All Mothers.

You are the mother of all mothers

She speaks truth to dispel the shame and excruciating guilt that cloaks a grieving mother. And, the judgment that often follows…

“So wash your hands of any naysayers, betrayers, or those who sprinted in other direction when you needed them most. Wash your hands of the people who may have falsely judged you, ostracized you, or stigmatized you because of what happened to you. Wash your hands of anyone who has made you feel less than by questioning everything you did or didn’t do. Anyone whose words or looks have implied this was somehow your fault.” ~ You are the Mother of all Mothers, Angela Miller

She speaks aloud of the what ifs, the shoulda, couldas and if onlys that plague a grieving mother. She speaks against the lies that say, you failed as a mother. Because speaking it, naming it takes away its power.

Her words remind you, mama, clinging to the last thread of hope in the midst of a whole lot of broken…that “you were chosen to be your child’s mother”. Chosen. And, no one is more suited for the role than you…even in loss.

She speaks hope in the midst of grief. And, in reading her words…her gorgeous, hope-filled, truth-talking words, I find a kindred spirit. And, I believe you will too.

If you don’t win…or you don’t want to wait, you can purchase this beautiful book here:


<Full SG Cover

And, second, a book into which I poured my own heart and the most of Jesus I have to give…a signed copy of Sufficient Grace.

What happens when physical healing doesn’t occur this side of heaven? Where is God in those moments, and what does faith look like when we don’t get the answers we are longing to hear? How do we continue to trust God, in the midst of our deepest fears becoming reality? What happens to a marriage tested by fire, more than once?

“Sufficient Grace” chronicles not only Kelly’s own family’s painful journey through the stormy sea of grief after the loss of three of their five children, but also shares the lessons they learned about the true faith and grace God gives to His people, even in the midst of life’s storms. Through their story of grief, brokenness, and healing in their marriage and in their lives we find great hope in an infinite God who is faithful to carry His children through whatever we face in this life. In Part II of the book, Kelly shares the birth of Sufficient Grace Ministries, and offers helpful information for families walking through grief after the loss of a child. Her mission to comfort others with the comfort she received continues, as she tells her compelling story of trading ashes for beauty.

If you don’t win a copy, you can order here: Sufficient Grace The Book (Links on that page to Amazon and Barnes and Noble as well)

To enter: Leave a comment on this post, sharing which you’d like to enter for…and something encouragement you hope to gain in your grief walk from the book. (You can enter to win either one as well!)

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Please leave a comment for each additional entry so it can be counted!! All winners announced Friday. You can enter for previous days as well.

SGM Christmas Extravaganza Giveaway Day Two ~ Dreams of You items and SGM shirts

Welcome to Day Two of the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2014…

Every year, SGM donates hundreds of beautiful Dreams of You items to bereaved families worldwide. While we never charge families for our materials or services, we’ve had to ask for shipping costs the last couple years. Today, we are giving away to 5 families who enter or nominate a family a beautiful Dreams of You package or Dreams of You Miscarriage package (for losses prior to 18 weeks)….with FREE SHIPPING.

Dreams of You items Carmine2

We also have two SGM Because Every Life Matters Tshirts to give away in size M, L, or XL…one in pink and one in grey.

because every life matters tshirt

You can enter to win both prizes, if you wish!

Today is also Giving Tuesday. And, if you’re not familiar with the services we provide for grieving families through Sufficient Grace Ministries, I encourage you to visit our website to learn more about the worldwide outreach of this amazing non profit organization…changing the way we care for bereaved parents.

Please visit to learn more.

You can also donate financially, through volunteering, or with much needed items to support SGM or to add your baby’s name to our SGM Christmas Tree by donating on our Support SGM Link.

Donate to have your baby’s name on our SGM Tree. Any donation $5 or more (Add an additional $2 if you would like your ornament sent to you after Christmas). Just use the general donation button on our Support Page and leave your information in the instructions or EMAIL them to us with a subject heading. Choose from the snowflake or dove ornaments in picture 2 below.

sgm ornaments

To enter for the free shipping Dreams of You items or the SGM Because Every Life Matters tshirt, please leave a comment telling us which items you are entering for…if the shirt, include color and size.

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Day ONE ~ Origami Owl PAIL Bracelet and Remembering Heart ~ SGM Christmas Extravaganza Giveaway

Christmas is hard for those missing someone they love at Christmas. It can be filled with the lonely ache for so many, so many for whom someone or something is missing from the perfect Christmas picture we hold up as an ideal. Growing up, my mother faced many challenges, keeping our family together…raising three children, often on her own. But, at Christmas, she always made everything special. No matter if her husband was out, missing late on Christmas Eve, after having too much to drink, or in the midst of another divorce. No matter how hard she had to work, or how much pride she had to swallow, gifts were filled in the space beneath our beautifully decorated Christmas Tree. And, we were together.

My mother celebrates Christmas in heaven now, but each year on the SGM Blog, we carry on her tradition of celebrating our Savior’s birth, by doing a week of giveaways to add some ray of light, even in the heavy of missing.

For the next five days, we will be announcing a special giveaway for someone missing a loved one this Christmas…and all winners will be chosen on Friday evening.

Today, we are giving away an Origami Owl PAIL Ribbon/Footprint Bracelet:

PAIL bracelet

And, to another winner, the beautiful Remembering Heart Necklace from Grief Watch:

remembering heart

To enter, leave a comment below telling which item you would like to enter for (you can also enter for both!) and who you’re missing this Christmas.

For additional entries:

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Make sure you leave a comment here for each separate entry…as only comments will be counted in the drawing.

Thank you, and stop back…tomorrow, we will have some other goodies to give away!

Also…CYBER MONDAY SALE on Sufficient Grace. Today ONLY, Sufficient Grace can be purchased on the SGM site for the bulk rate price of $8….without buying the minimum amount of 10…you can get this rate even if you buy ONE book!! Just use the Bulk rate button. This is ONLY for Monday, December 1, 2014.

And…if you are local, we will be hosting our special Walking With You Christmas gathering. With yummy desserts, and special ornaments making at SGM in Deshler, Ohio at 7pm.

Even if you aren’t local, we also would love to add your baby’s ornament to our tree. You can give a donation of $5 with the donate button on the Support Sufficient Grace link…and we will add an ornament with your baby’s name to the SGM tree. You can choose a teal snowflake or a silver dove. Leave your baby’s name, and your ornament choice in the additional instructions when donating. Also…include $2 additional donation if you would like us to ship your ornament after Christmas.

SGM Christmas Extravaganza 2014


It’s that time of year again. Time to remember together…and time for the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2014!!

Beginning on December 1, 2014, we will be hosting the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2014, a week of giveaways for those missing someone at Christmas. The holidays can trigger those memories and missing like no other time of the year. This is a little something we like to offer, to bring just a sliver of joy and remembrance to hurting hearts at Christmas…to let you know you aren’t walking this path alone.

We will be hosting a very special Walking With You Christmas support group gathering on Monday, December 1, 2014 at 7pm for those who wish to join us. We will share some dessert, chat about our babies, and make/hang ornaments on the SGM tree. If you can’t be there in person, we are offering an opportunity for those who want to help support SGM and add their baby’s name/ornament to the SGM tree to donate $5. (We will mail ornaments to all who wish to have them mailed to them after Christmas for an additional $2 shipping). Last year, it was such a blessing to see our babies’ names adorning the tree. To donate, use the button on this page. Please add your baby’s name and information in the notes.
sgm tree 2


How do we remember our babies (Faith, Grace, and Thomas) who are in heaven?

Each year, we fill three shoeboxes with gifts for Operation Christmas Child, which we then donate to the pile of boxes collected by our church for their annual donation. We fill two little girl boxes in memory of Faith and Grace and one little boy box in memory of our Thomas. It is a small thing, but it blesses me to be able to buy some little gifts in their memory and give them to another child in hopes that it will bring some joy. It is something tangible we can do to remember them every year. When my boys were younger, they loved taking part in the gift-giving. It was a beautiful way to include them in remembering their sisters and brother, and help others.

This year, due to a full schedule of serving through SGM, we missed our church’s deadline to donate shoeboxes, but we plan to do an Angel Tree donation instead.

A Christmas tree should tell a family’s story. Each year, the memories come flooding back as we take out the ornaments and remember all the milestones our children have achieved, the sweet hand made ornaments adorned with school pictures, baby’s first Christmas ornaments, Our first Christmas Together ornaments, and for those of us missing those we love, In Memory ornaments. They are a special way to include those who have gone home to heaven in our story. For they are very much a part of our hearts and our lives…and should be in the memories when we unwrap the ornaments each year and hang them on the tree that tells our family story. I shared a great deal about some of those special ornaments on our tree on this post. Here are a few more ornaments that have been added to our collection. Several of them came from some of you, my dear online friends and fellow mamas. They touched my heart, and are treasured among some of the most precious gifts that I have received.

These beautiful ornaments were a gift I received a few years ago from Jess:

And these three from Sarita:

And, this sweet ornament for my Thomas…

(We will be giving away some beautiful memorial ornaments on the upcoming SGM Christmas Giveaway 2014 beginning on December 1st.)

I also hang ornaments each year in memory of my sweet mother, Kathy, who went home to heaven four years ago. She adored Christmas, and she is so much a part of every Christmas memory for me. These Christmas giveaways are one thing I do to honor her memory. Even in difficult times, mom loved to make Christmas a fun celebration and she loved to give.


Other ideas of how to survive the holidays when missing your child or loved one at Christmas:
Give to a favorite charity in your child’s name.
Make new traditions.
Slow down. Make time to soak in the season. Listen to Christmas music, sip hot cocoa, look at the lights. Breathe deeply.
Give grace to yourself, as the missing may be more intense.
Give memory packets or other comfort items to your local hospital in your child’s memory.
Take part in a local memorial celebration. Some support groups, hospitals, and even funeral homes host gatherings for those who are remembering a loved one at Christmas.
Donate a special book in memory of your child to the local library.
Hang a stocking with your child’s name on it, and fill it with special memories, messages from others, or random acts of kindness written on slips of paper.
Take care of yourself…and take breaks when needed. Watch a movie, go shopping, sit in the park, turn the music up, take a bubble bath. Whatever your mode of escape or self care. Indulge a little.


Don’t forget to stop back on December 1, 2014 for five days of giveaways that will hopefully bless and encourage you this Christmas season.

There will be special ornaments, books, gifts, a copy of Return to Zero, doTerra essential oils, and a grand finale. Something for everyone missing a loved one of any age this holiday season.