SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza Day Two: Heaven

I love to think of what my loved ones may be doing in heaven. The hope of heaven is what makes living amidst the brokenness of earth bearable. We have that hope because Jesus came for us…and we celebrate the gift that He came each Christmas. No matter the broken. No matter the pain.
He came, bringing promise of no more tears.
A promise to make all things new.
A promise of beauty for ashes.
A promise in Isaiah 61 to comfort those who mourn.
He came bringing a thrill of hope.
And, one day…all that lays in ruins will be rebuilt…
Because He came.



Today’s giveaway considers the thought that our loved ones are looking down from heaven. I always think they get to see the good stuff from heaven, and the bible speaks of them cheering us on. I think my mother is especially near at Christmas-time. She loved to decorate and give gifts, spreading the beauty created from her heart and hands wherever she went. I’m sure she is soaking in joyous moments with her grandbabies, and her father. Faith and Grace surely have the prettiest Christmas dresses. They are perpetually 5-8 in my mind (even though they would now be 20 years old)…with long flowing chestnut waves and sparkling brown eyes. Thomas is wearing a light blue Christmas suit, age 3-4 in my mama-heart (18 in earthly years), wisdom gleaming in the eyes that mirror his father and brothers. I remember my other grandparents and wonder how they spend their days in eternity as well. Some sweet day, we will be reunited again.

To enter today’s giveaway, please comment on this post, sharing what you believe your loved one is doing in heaven.


  1. I picture my daughter, Faith in heaven running around barefoot. She is playing with other kids her age. Probably playing with dolls and having a tea party.

  2. Jennifer Frey says:

    I believe my daughter is in Heaven with long golden-brown hair happy and giggling. I believe she is playing up there wit my older sister and my mother who are also in Heaven. I wish I could see it!

  3. My daughter Hannah is celebrating her birthday with all the angel babies I have had the pleasure of knowing through their amazing Mamas.

  4. I see Arabella as a beautiful little girl playing with all her Angel baby friends. Im sure she looks just like her sisters.

  5. Kristi Bodey says:

    A big Christmas feast with all my loved ones taking turns bouncing Jordan on their knees! Laughing and rejoicing and having a good old time! :)

  6. Jennifer Watkins says:

    I know Angel and Hope are in the arms of my husband and I’s moms.

  7. I imagine Noah, now age 6, playing with all the babies/kids of the mommas I have gotten to know through this journey. He is probably a tiny kiddo like his siblings and full of life. I can not wait to have him run into my arms when I reach Heaven!

  8. Shannon Sasseville says:

    I hope my babies are spending their days in Jesus’arms and at his feet.Damcing on the streets of gold and swimming in the river of life.

  9. I picture Colten in Heaven being loved and spoiled by his Grandpa and Uncle, and all of his family members that went before him. I picture his bright blue eyes that I never got to see; but I know they are the prettiest shade of blue. I picture him smiling and cooing as he looks down on our family. He is now 3 months old and this will be his 1st Christmas <3

  10. Dawn shugert says:

    I think I will always think of Eli as 2. I picture his beautiful smile and laughter as he runs and plays. As he did here on earth. I can see him running to his great grandma’s and hugging them and spreading such beautiful joy and love. He was such a beautiful soul on earth I know he is an even brighter soul in heaven

  11. Kirsten OLeary says:

    I picture my little ones brightly smiling and laughing with a belly laugh and pure joy that we can’t even imagine here on earth, and spinning around in unsteady toddler-like dance-circles, so proud of theirselves -like nobody is watching except Jesus himself.

  12. renee suydam says:

    I believe that zahirah is in my mommas arms. And she is with all her siblings (all 6 of them) that we never had the chance to meet! And hopefully they all know just how much each and everyone of them are missed and loved and yeah and there uncle tj is prolly loading the up with my dew

  13. I know Ella is up there pointing logan and i out to all the other babies saying there’s my mom and dad. Shes cheering for us as we get ready to take on new challenges. I know shes up there making sure mommy is okay and is by my side at everything I do. I also believe she’s up there with all of logans and I’s family members having a great time.

  14. Kerri Schlater says:

    I think Gracelyn is in Heaven playing will all the other babies and walking and talking with Jesus and enjoying the beautiful streets of Gold

  15. Rachael Monday says:

    I think Levi is in heaven playing with all the other little ones and peeking down on us wondering why he cant play with his sisters also and why he cant help daddy work on a vehicle. He will be 8 yrs old in February and I miss him and wonder why I cant hold him and cuddle him.

  16. GirlMamaX5 says:

    I picture my Mikayla and Selah as toddlers with big brown eyes and a head full of curls. I like to imagine my Grammy and Granddad rocking them and bouncing them on their knees, my Great-aunt Bobby imparting wisdom, and my sister’s babies, Caris and Elijah toddling along with them.

  17. Melanie Cameron says:

    I’m sure that my grandpa is singing and rocking my baby to sleep every night.

  18. SARITA BOYETTE says:

    I picture 42 year old Meredith as a baby still, in her beautiful white dress and wrapped in her soft pink shawl, things that we buried her in. I also think of her being cared for by her grandparents who have already gone on to Glory.

  19. Mary Meyer says:

    I have always thought that my little ones are up in heaven having fun with my mom and now their aunt. My mom passed away before she was able to meet any of her grandkids, so I believe that she was blessed to take care of my three that I lost here on earth. And when my sister past away, just this year, it comforts me that she gets to be their awesome aunt in heaven just as she was here on earth to my earthly kiddos.

  20. Becky Pyle says:

    Playing in the snow with his great grandparents

  21. Talia Hammer says:

    I picture my daughter, Faith, in heaven learning how to golf with her great-grandpa.

  22. I imagine our babies dancing and riding little bikes through streets of gold laughing and full of joy.

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