SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza Day One: Ornaments

Welcome to the week of Christmas Giveaways known as the SGM Christmas Extravaganza! So many are missing someone this Christmas. We like to help offer a bit of comfort and joy during this season of missing. Today, you can enter to win a memorial ornament. Just leave a memory of how you feel your Christmas tree tells your family story and/or a memory of your loved one in the comments to enter as well as which ornament(s) you are entering for.

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  1. Jennifer Watkins says:

    Angel Almeda Nadine Watkins
    May 27 2015 7:19pm – May 27, 2015 9:00pm

    Hope Angel Watkins
    October 15, 2015
    Lost to miscarriage at 7wks

  2. Jennifer Frey says:

    I appreciate all that you do to honor babies gone too soon. My daughter was born with a fatal condition called anencephaly on December 27th 2010. She would be turning 6 this year. I’d love to have an ornament for her and especially because her birthday is so close to Christmas!

  3. Kristi Bodey says:

    Jordan Bodey. And like every year I remember with all my friends that I have met through this journey, The babies that they have lost as well.

  4. Amanda Mangas says:

    The ornaments on our tree represent the love and time that was taken in picking out the ornament. All of them are gifts that were given to a member of my family. They are hanging memories as we tell who recieved the ornament and who was the giver. The excitement of the kids when they add a new ornament is contagious and welcomed.

  5. renee suydam says:

    #1 and #4 my mom loved Christmas we would always do a bunch of baking of all kinds of goodies.and now I do the same with my two children that I have here

  6. Allison Leusink says:

    I would love true baby shoes, or the angel. My little angel went to,beneath the Lord in April at 30 weeks gestation. She was out 4th child and we want to keep her memory alive on our tree this year!

  7. In memory of our daughter Harley, stillborn 11/6/14

  8. Our Christmas tree is full of my childhood ornaments and now ornaments my kids have gotten each year. There are also a few special ones for my husband and I. But I’d love #2 for our two angel babies we lost this year. Their all so beautiful!

  9. Randi Schlenker says:

    All the ornaments on our tree represents either someone in our family or a special memory/occasion. I would love to add ornament #1 to our tree in memory of our Sweet Journey, our first baby who we sadly lost in 2014.

  10. Mandy Horton says:

    Our tree tells our history because we lost our first child. We have bought an ornament for her each year. We had her little brother a year after we lost her and he includes her in picking out ornaments each year. He always wants to pick her ornament before he picks his out. We also include her in Santa. Our little boy thinks that Santa has to leave her a gift for the cemetery just like he leaves him gifts to play with.

  11. This is our 6th Christmas without our precious Noah. We love adding an ornament every year to our tree in his memory. When our other children decorate the Christmas tree, it makes it feel like he is a part of it as they hang his ornaments! Entering for either 1, 2 or 3.

  12. Kirsten OLeary says:

    Our Christmas tree tells the story of our WHOLE family in little bits that so many would fail to notice. Most of the ornaments have significance to our family whether a memory or a current interest. The lights we use signify our heaven babies and the star on top reminds us of the star that guides so many to the One who cares for all of us- both here and in heaven. I liked ornaments #1 and 4

  13. This has been the beginning of what has been a hard season for me in the past.
    It’s also the first Christmas for our second rainbow baby, which is a joyful occasion, for sure! So many mixed emotions.
    But, I didn’t expect the grief to come creeping in so hard this year. When I look at my two rainbow daughters enjoying the parties and excitement, I can feel my angels’ presence around us, stronger than ever.
    Setting up the Christmas tree and putting all my babies’ names on it means a lot to all of us. It reminds me that we have family waiting for us and watching g over us from another place.

  14. I would like to enter for ornament #1…baby in a basket. This year I made an ornament in memory of our precious granddaughter Eden Rain. I printed her photo on vellum , inserted it into a clear glass bulb along with white feathers. I love how it turned out. There is also a clear glass Angel ornament on our tree with her name that we ordered from the funeral home. She will always be in our hearts!! Thank you for the chance to win and God bless you!!!

  15. A memory of have of my loved one is of my daughter, Faith who died in 2013 when she was 12 days old. My memory of her is the first and only time I was able to hold her. It was so bittersweet. Also, I also got to see her briefly open up her eyes before she passed. As if she was saying hello to me!
    I am entering for ornament #1.

  16. TIENNE WILKIN says:

    I have ornaments that I have made in memory of mine and several friends babies. One year I even left the tree up all year to pay for all the families through the year.

  17. Christmas is hard for us, like so many families is hard. 7 years ago I was carrying twins who were not expected to live long after birth. That Christmas was our first and last Christmas with them, and we can’t help but think what Christmas would be like with two first-graders in the house. Every year we get a new ornament that makes us think of them. The angel in #3 definitely does that!

  18. Anna White says:

    I don’t have my own tree this year because we just moved a few months ago and are currently living with my parents. However, I love that their tree tells our family story. We moved around a lot while I was growing up, so they have a collection of ornaments that represent all the places we have lived, plus ornaments that represent each member of the family, handmade ornaments from me and my siblings, etc.

    I would love to have ornament #2 or 3

  19. Chelsa Blue says:

    All of these are just precious!

  20. Shannon Sasseville says:

    Our tree is pretty lacking right now. We had a tree accident last year and lost a lot of our ornaments.

  21. #1 Remembering my 3 babies…

  22. I would love to have 1 or 3. Remembering Benjamin 10/15/12

  23. Michelle Roberts says:

    Our Christmas tree tells the story of love, family, and memories of lost loved ones thru the ornaments that we place on it every year. I would love to have option#2 to hang on my christmas tree and remember my 2 angel babies, Sawyer Lee and Saige Lee. We lost them through miscarriage at 7 weeks.

  24. Michelle Bissell says:

    We’ve added an ornament to out tree each year for our son, Jude, who died shortly after birth. This year, we’ll add a 6th ornament. All you are giving away ste beautiful.

  25. Becky Pyle says:

    I love #1. Entering in honor of my baby lost at 18 weeks- Cameron Scott. Terribly missed and loved.

  26. We add an ornament for each child every year to our tree, something that represents who they are or what they achieved in the last year. We include Elena in this tradition.

    My favorites are #2 & #3.

  27. SARITA BOYETTE says:

    I would love to win the “On The Night You Were Born” ornament. That is one of my favorite books – I sometimes read it to myself to remind me that I’m a creation of God, too. We didn’t put up a big tree this year but in my guest room, Meredith has her own pink flocked tree that is left up all the time. I usually get her a new ornament every year. Thank you for hosting giveaways. <3

  28. Talia Hammer says:

    We just lost our daughter who lived for 35 minutes on 11/21/16. Trying to find ornaments for our tree to remember her by. Her name is Faith. I would be interested in winning ornament #1 or #2. Thank you.

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