SGM Christmas Giveaway Day Five: Books!


Not Pregnant

This year, we have been delving into some bible studies that can be life-changing. God’s Word is so powerful and life-breathing…and…alive. A great time to start a study is at the beginning of the year. So, Christmas is the perfect time to offer some of our favorites.

We’ve included Seamless by Angie Smith (a study that ties the bible together as one story)
Anchored (a study offering hope for those walking through the loss of a child)
One Thousand Gifts Study (A companion to THEE Ann Voskamp’s One Thousand Gifts opening our hearts to gratefulness by counting the daily simple gifts we’re given)

As well as some beautiful books for those who have endured loss or other challenges to their faith…

Empty Arms by Sherokee Ilse

Celebrating Pregnancy Again by Franchesca Cox (one of our favorite resources for those expecting a pregnancy after a loss)

Sufficient Grace by Kelly Gerken (the story of faith and beauty from ashes as the Gerken family faces the loss of three of their five children…also a great resource as the second half includes topical grief-related information and the birth of Sufficient Grace Ministries)

Not Pregnant by Cathie Quillet (a NEW book for those facing infertility or secondary infertility)

To enter, leave a comment telling us which book or books you’d like to read. You can enter to win more than one. :)

We will be announcing all of our winners to this week’s giveaways late tonight or early Saturday morning. So, make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook page for that post. Love and grace to all!


  1. I’d love the book Not Pregnant

  2. renee suydam says:

    Empty arms I have been really wanting but any book will do except for sufficient Grace only because I already have it !:) thasnk u!

  3. Becky pyle says:

    I would love to read Seamless and Anchored

  4. Shannon Sasseville says:

    I would love either Seamless or Empty Arms! Both are books or studies I have wanted to read or do!

  5. Randi Schlenker says:

    Would love to own all of these books for myself to read and to share with other loss moms. The two I would like to own the most are Sufficient Grace and Anchored. Thanks for the opportunity!

  6. I would love to read any of them but Anchored is my top pick. Thank you all again for all you do.

  7. GirlMamaX5 says:

    I would love top have Seamless, Anchored, Sufficient Grace, or Empty Arms

    I have the Kindle version of Celebrating Pregnancy Again, and found it very encouraging while I was pregnant with my rainbow, but I wouldn’t mind having a copy I could pass on to someone else who could use it.

  8. Jill Sakowski says:

    I’d love to read Anchored or Sufficient Grace. Sufficient Grace would be my top pick!

  9. Stefanie Tanner says:

    I would love the book Empty Arms

  10. Wow, this is a tough choice as i feel like I could really benefit from several of those books. I guess I would choose Seamless, Anchored for my top pics then Sufficient Grace and Empty Arms as my second picks. They all would be amazing to read!!

  11. Shared on my fanpage of Treasuring Life’s Blessings because I hope many others come to know the blessing of your resources!!! <3

  12. TIENNE WILKIN says:

    I would love Empty Arms or the thousand gifts study.

  13. Hazel Flint-Jones says:

    I woul love to own any of them they all look amazing

  14. Anchored is my top pick. I would also like to enter for Seamless and Empty Arms. I have already read the wonderful book Sufficient Grace and have my own copy!

  15. Leslie Sams says:


  16. Leslie Sams says:

    “Empty Arms”

  17. SARITA BOYETTE says:

    Would love to read Empty Arms and Franchesca Cox’s book. <3

  18. As I already have Sufficient Grace and Anchored, I’d love to read Celebrating Pregnancy Again, Not Pregnant, as well as Seamless

  19. Kirsten OLeary says:

    I’d like to enter for the book seamless

  20. Nneka Hall says:

    I would love the book “Not Pregnant” to add to my collection!

  21. I think sufficient grace might be my top pick. I also would love celebrating pregnancy again or any of the bible studies :) you guys are awesome!

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