SGM Christmas Remembrance 2015 Day 3: FREE SHIPPING on Dreams of You Package




Sufficient Grace Ministries offers beautiful free Dreams of You resources and support to families around the world. While we typically charge shipping only for bereaved parents to receive our packages valued from $25 to $175, today….sponsored by the gentlemen of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, you can enter to win FREE shipping for your Dreams of You package!!

We will be choosing 25 winners! International included! :)


To enter, leave a comment with a snippet of your story in the comments.

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  1. Hazel Flint-Jones says:

    I lost my son Matthew IN july of 2012 he was born sleeping, we discovered he had no heartbeat at nearly 21weeks and it cut to the core. Then March of this year we lost a pregnancy in the early stages, it is truly something you never get over

  2. Randi Schlenker says:

    In 2014 my husband and I lost our first child, our sweet baby Journey. When we went in for a checkup they couldn’t find a heartbeat. That day will forever be engrained in our minds…the worst and saddest day of our lives. Our sweet Journey showed us what it is like to love a child, a child that you never got the privilege to raise. Thank you for offering such a special gift to loss families.

  3. Brittany Hughes says:

    My name is Brittany and I am the mother to twin fraternal boy’s. On September 28th around 6 in the evening my baby boy Eli who is a twin passed away from pancreatic cancer and pneumonia and Lukemia. We had no idea he was even sick. He started to make this noise and wouldn’t stop. He finally did stop by the time we decided to rush him to the hospital. I wish I did know even though the doctors say that it would have not mattered. He was 3 months old when he passed away. I miss him so much so does his older brother bubba and his twin brother Allen. I am not dealing with his loss very well. I cry every day and night I wish I had my son back.

  4. My son Tristan was born sleeping at 20 weeks in October. He was the 9th child I have lost, but the first I held in my arms. I truly believed he was my rainbow baby after so much hurt. This Christmas has been so difficult without him… instead of preparing for his arrival, I am grieving his death. This would be such an amazing gift to win.

  5. I have liked your facebook page

  6. VickyTownsend says:

    We lost our daughter Tayler in October of 2000 at 15 weeks gest. Sadly the hurt and unimaginable emptiness is always there and although time does not completely heal , there are brighter days ahead and the overwhelming sadness becomes tolerable. Thank you for this opportunity and my heart goes out to all of the parents that have lost a child or have lost many. <3

  7. I have already received a bear but I’d like to enter for my dear friend Lisa who has lost 3 babies in a row within the last 12 months- all in her second trimester and is now trying to decide if they should keep trying or not.

  8. Jamey Young says:

    I have one son in heaven. His name is Caleb Welles Young, he was born at 24 weeks 5 days. Caleb survived for 17 days in the NICU. During his tiny little brief life the Doctors found a level 3 severe brain bleed. After several meetings with many doctors on what the next step was, we decided to with draw care. The hardest day of my life was watching them undo those machines and to hold him as he searched for his last breaths. My heart is broken. He would be turning 4 years old this January. I wonder every day if I made the right decision. I pray I’ll hold him again one day.

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