SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2015 Day One: Ornaments

Welcome to the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2015! Today is Day One of our week of giveaways…ornaments. Our Christmas Tree should tell a story, the story of our family. And, that includes those we are remembering in heaven each year. We would love to help you add to your tree of stories and memories with an ornament in memory of your baby or loved one in heaven.

#1. Our first ornament is so special. The Dreams of You ornament is hand painted and was created exclusively for SGM by Deanna Shoemaker from Payton’s Precious Memories. This ornament will be personalized by the creator with your baby’s name. Information about ordering can be found on the Support SGM page.


#2. While this Hallmark “Born in Our Hearts” Ornament was created for adoptive parents, I also think it applies beautifully to parents whose babies are born into their hearts…but now live in heaven.


#3. Add a copy of your baby’s handprint or footprint to this special keepsake ornament.


#4. This one is for anyone missing someone in heaven…does not have to be a baby or child. “The ones we’ve lost are found in our memories.”


To enter:
1. Leave a comment on this post sharing who you are missing in heaven this Christmas and which ornament/ornaments you would like a chance at winning. (You can choose as many as you’d like to enter for!)

2. For additional entries Like the SGM Facebook Page and follow on Twitter and Instagram (@SuffGrace).

3. Share this post or our event page.

Please make sure you leave a comment for each separate entry in order for them to count.


  1. I’m missing my son Noah Alexander who would be 5. I would love to win ornament #1 or #3.

  2. Melanie Cameron says:

    We’re missing our angel baby, Mattie Jo Cameron ♡
    Entering for the dreams of you ornament

  3. Melanie Cameron says:

    We’re missing our angel baby, Mattie Jo Cameron ♡
    Entering for the sea she’ll ornament

  4. Shyann johnson says:

    Logan and i are missing our Ella-Marie. #1 or #2.

  5. Hi Kelly, This is a beautiful idea to remember our sweet babies at Christmas. I never got to find out if my baby was a boy or girl. I only carried him/her for 2 short weeks after finding out I was pregnant. However having any of these ornanments would be a wonderful tangible way to honor his/her memory. I am also remembering a camp counselor that I lost last week due to a sudden brief unknown illness, and 7 grandparents. Thank you for this beautiful giveaway.

  6. This year I am missing both my baby who passed in 2012 and my father who passed unexpectedly Oct/2015. I love number 4 and think it would be perfect for both of them…

  7. Kristi Bodey says:

    They are all beautiful! You always pick the perfect ornaments!

  8. April Petz says:

    I am missing all 3 of my babies. Baby Petz #1 3/2009; Baby Petz #3 3/2011; and Derek Jeffery Petz 1/15/13. I would love to hang #1 or #2 on my tree in their memories :)

  9. I like SGM on Facebook.

  10. Karen Poulin-Sparnon says:

    I am missing my son Nathaniel Raymond Sparnon who was born still at 22 weeks on 9/7/14. He was our rainbow baby…our last chance after losing his sister at 18 weeks a little over two years prior.

    I like all of the ornaments and would love a chance to win any of them!

  11. Susana Klassen says:

    My husband and I are missing our son
    Leroy David
    Born sleeping April 15 2015

  12. We lost a baby last year whom we named Emerson, after Ralph Waldo Emerson, the author. We have round glass ornaments for our twins, but not for E yet. The PPM ornament would be a nice addition to the 2 week display near our dining table all year round. I like to see them when I’m eating with my family.
    Thanks! See you at the event tonight.

  13. Elena Watts says:

    Our first Christmas without our son, Evan. He was born 2/2/15 and passed 2/3/15. Would love to add ornament #1 to our family tree.

  14. We are missing our son Hudson, born sleeping in May. He is our firstborn and the holidays are extra difficult with thought of what should have been. I would love to win #1 to add to our tree and continue to tell the story of us.

  15. Amanda Mangas says:

    Hi Kelly, those are all beautiful ornaments. Our family is missing our beautiful Scarlett Monroe. Even though she’s not here physically, we hold her dear in our hearts and would love ornament #1in memory of her. Thank you.

  16. Amanda Mangas says:

    Hi Kelly. We just layed to rest my baby brother a week ago and would love to have ornament #4 hanging on our tree in memory of him. We was an amazing person with an amazingly big heart. Thanks

  17. I’m missing my baby boys, Stephen and William. I’d love to enter for ornament 1 or 2.

  18. Lacie Flassig says:

    I would love ornament #1 for our angel baby Kaitlyn Alayna. This is our first Christmas without her. It is terribly hard. She would be 4 months yesterday.

  19. Janetta Grigsby says:

    Missing my 5 angel babies. Jacob, Austin, Alexis, Bethany and Aria.

  20. Randi Schlenker says:

    My husband and I are missing our sweet baby Journey. We would love to have the “Born In Our Hearts” ornament, it describes our baby very well.

  21. Jessica Payne says:

    I would love any of them, but my favorite is #3, then #2, then #1. We are missing out son Jason Allen who would be having his first “fun” Christmas.

  22. Loretta Lather says:

    We are missing dearly our beautiful angel Aubree Leeann Weaver.
    Would like ornament #1.

  23. Loretta Lather says:

    In loving memory of our precious angel Aubree Leeann Weaver during this holiday season. We miss you! Love, Mommy & Daddy
    Would like ornament #3

  24. Loretta Lather says:

    You are in our hearts forever…we miss you Aubree Leeann Weaver.
    Would like ornament #4

  25. Loretta Lather says:

    Our angel, Aubree Leeann Weaver would be 8 months soon, wish you were here. We miss you deeply.
    Would like ornament #2

  26. Missing our sweet Theodore, born sleeping 6/23/2014. Would love to win ornament #1 for him :)

  27. Missing Kael xoxo all the ornaments are beautiful!!!

  28. I am a follower of your fb page

  29. I am missing my baby boy Bennet, born still 14 months ago. And a baby I only knew for a few short weeks but already had fallen in love with, who I miscarried only 5 days ago.
    I really like #4, as I’m not sure yet how to honour the little life we just lost, but still want to count him or her with all my children.

  30. I am missing all 6 of my angel babies.
    Kurtis Scott #1 06/30/1983;
    Serenity Grace #2 09/26/1985; (lost angel of twins)
    Brianna Lynn #3 07/17/1990;
    Ashley Marie #4 12/30/2003;
    Taylor Jane #5 1/16/2013 and Tyler Jay #6 3/20/2013 (set of twins).
    Also, Bonnie Lynn (my little sister) 12/19/1987.
    I would love to hang #3 on my tree in their memories :)

  31. Melissa Norris says:

    I was expecting our third baby when I went into pre term labor at 16wks. I don’t know until I delivered what we were having. A beautiful boy Princeton Connor Norris was born on September 14th 2015. He should not of come until Feb of 2016. I miss him greatly!

  32. We are missing our sweet son, Rylan James, and Baby C. Someday we will be together again!

  33. Manda Braman says:

    Our family is missing 5 angels
    Elizabeth 2005, Oaklee 2007, Torres Twins 2010, & Zeth 2012.
    We would love to hang number 4 on our tree in honor of our babies thank you.

  34. Kerri Schalter says:

    Missing our Gracelyn this year we would love #1 or #2

  35. Hazel Flint-Jones says:

    our family is missing Matthew and baby pip and i would love to win any

  36. I follow SGM on Twitter (under @TreasuringLB)

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