I’m an Elephant


My Grace Rebel heart is in absolute love with this picture (shared by my friend Heidi Faith)…for several reasons.

1. The reminder to be yourself. I wish more women felt that freedom to embrace the person they were created to be…to put down the measuring stick…to quit the comparison game. It is nothing but a thief of joy. Be you. Be authentic.

2. I recently mentioned that I’m an elephant. Elephants take almost two years to grow their babies, the longest of any mammal. It takes me forever to gestate and birth the ideas God lays on my heart.

Exhibit A….it took me 10 years to write Sufficient Grace. Exhibit B…it took me 8 years after our losses to start Sufficient Grace Ministries. Exhibit C…It took me 6 years after I spoke the idea of peer support for families walking through loss as a key note at the Grand Rounds at Good Samaritan in Cincy to make it happen. In truth….that opens me up for watching others around me give birth to beauty much quicker. See number one for the remedy to that ensuing dilemma. Be you. Don’t compare. Do your thang.

3. While this is turning into a blog post…here’s the thing I learned about elephants after stating I was one (due to my long gestation time)…

They love to gather as women and stay together, serve together. YES!
They are altrustic. They have been known to go above and beyond to help one another…and even others in need. They are comforters, nurturers at times.

Excellent memory…well that part…we unfortunately do not have in common. But what I do typically try to remember is the good stuff about people…and rarely the bad. Sometimes that gets me in trouble…vulnerability takes courage…because it means repeated wounds…but that’s a blog post for another day.

(Let’s just say I’m more of a cards on the table…heart on the sleeve gal… than a keeping it all close to the vest gal. But, you already knew that.) ;)


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