Help Send SGM to PLIDA 2014

We have a dream, a vision, to change the way we care for bereaved parents walking through the loss of a baby at any gestation and through infancy. We are seeing that vision become reality as more of our volunteers become trained birth and bereavement doulas and remembrance photographers, offering support and beautiful memory-making resources each year to hundreds of families, and a growing number of hospitals.

We are training hospitals to use our comprehensive SGM Perinatal Hospice Birth and Bereavement Services, expanding SGM Branches in other locations. Entering in. Coming alongside bereaved parents.

Because no one should walk this path alone.

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Because every life matters.

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Every life is worthy of honor, worth remembering.

This year, SGM has the opportunity to attend the PLIDA conference in San Antonio, Texas, the worldwide renowned conference on perinatal hospice and palliative care. We wanted to attend two years ago, but the precious funds we gather from our amazing supporters are needed to continue this sacred work of supporting families. This year, we are facing the same dilemma. But, in our great passion to grow this outreach, so that more families receive compassionate care, more hospitals are properly equipped to offer resources and understand the needs of bereaved parents, more precious and tangible memories can be shared as parents say hello and goodbye to their precious babies, we feel it is important to attend this conference. And, not only to attend, but to have a table representing SGM at the conference.

So that the next family doesn’t come to us after their loss, saying…
“I wish we would’ve known this support was available. I wish I would’ve known you were here.”

This conference is the most effective way to help spread the word, that these amazing resources are here. And, to connect with other like-minded birth professionals in order to better serve grieving families.

How amazing would it be to see little SGM represented at such a beautiful and worthwhile event? (It’s possible. We might be little girls, but we have a BIG God!) Will you help us attend by giving a donation, and/or spreading the word?

You can use the donate button here to give to this campaign:

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