SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2013 ~ Day One ~ Something Pretty For the Mamas

Welcome to the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2013! Today, we are giving away something beautiful for any mother (or a dad who wants to bless a mom) who is missing either her baby or her own mom this Christmas. Christmas and the surrounding holidays are such a special time to remember that Jesus came to save us. And, the gift of that cannot be taken away…not even by grief, death, and pain. Because He came, there is hope and the promise of a forever reunion. Many hearts are missing someone this Christmas. I am missing my sweet babies and my mother.

My mom loved to give at Christmas, and I’m so grateful that through SGM, I can give some gifts to bless some of the mothers with aching hearts this Christmas. That’s what the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza is all about! Some light hearted joy in the midst of the missing. And, remembering together, during this sacred season. Five days of giveaways, beginning right now and lasting until Friday December 6, when all the winners will be announced by midnight.

Because, you are still a beautiful mother. And, your baby is always worth remembering.

Before I reveal today’s gorgeous gifts, there is also a special ornament giveaway offer going on today only on the SGM Facebook page. Five moms will be chosen to receive an ornament to be placed on the SGM Tree at tonight’s ceremony, with their baby’s name on it, without having to pay the $5 donation. If you don’t win, or if you would just like to help support SGM, you may donate $5  using the donate button on this page (plus $2 shipping if you would like the ornament shipped to you after Christmas) with directions about your ornament choice. Also, for any locals, tonight our Walking With You support group will be meeting at SGM at 7pm to enjoy some dessert treats and add the names to the ornaments and hang them on the tree. Together is always better than alone. So, we would love to see you there! No RSVP required. Just show up!! You can find out more information on our SGM/WWY Remembering Together at Christmas Event Page.

And now…here are today’s goodies, some beautiful jewelry from Hallmark. Hallmark just gets it, you know. I’m not going to lie, I’ve been watching some Hallmark movies this Christmas season. I like the corny predictability and happy endings. It brings some peace to my tattered heart. Movies can be a little vacation from the heaviness of grief. Of course, they are no cure, and true comfort comes from sitting in the lap of our heavenly Father for awhile. But, every once in awhile, a little movie-watching is a nice gift.

Ok…now where was I? Oh…that’s right, the giveaway Here you go, mamas and daughters:

1. First, a Celebrate Life…One Moment at a Time Charm bracelet with an I Love U Teddy Bear Charm. Sweetness.charm bracelet

2. Next, this sleek bracelet with the precious saying: A mother’s love is the first gift we know, one we never outgrow. Oh, how true that is!



3. Because, whether your baby or child is in heaven or on earth, you are still a mother! DSC_0150

4. In the hardest of times, just like the famous “Footprints” poem says, when we see just one set of footprints…when we don’t feel God…when we think we’re alone, it was then, He carried us. He carries us still.
Even to your old age, I am He, And even to gray hairs I will carry you! I have made, and I will bear; Even I will carry, and will deliver you. ~ Isaiah 46:4

5. Another Footprints necklace. These sweet baby feet represent the footprints left on a mother’s heart. Always.

6. And, finally, this sweet heart necklace. I love the saying: We hold every moment, every memory in our hearts. Yes, we do. This precious heart is filled with tiny pink crystals to signify the sweet memories we hold in our hearts.

heart memory necklace


To enter, leave a comment on this post saying which numbers you would like to be entered for, and a memory about who you’re missing this Christmas ~ your sweet baby, your mom, or someone you would like to give this item to as a gift to bless a grieving heart. You can enter for more than one item.

Additional entries (Please leave a separate comment for each one!):

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For an extra 5 entries, donate toward an ornament to add to the SGM tree (You will also get to keep the ornament after Christmas! Details here.)

Spread the word and enjoy! Sending prayers for a peace-filled and gentle season for you and yours. Tune in tomorrow when we share some special ornaments for those missing someone at Christmas.


  1. Judy Matthias says:

    I would like to enter for number 6. I’m missing our baby Jordyn Starr. We lost our baby at 18 weeks. on March 27, 2013.

  2. I would love to be entered for #2 and #6 in memory of my sweet baby girl. Held her whole life. Thank you.

  3. I would like number 4. In memory of my precious son Carson who was taken too soon, at 14 months. We love & miss you forever sweet man <3 3.16.12-5.10.13

  4. Jessica Dailey says:

    I would like to enter for number 6. The heart with pink crystals would be a beautiful reminder of my angel Amber Dawn. She was fullterm stillborn at 41 weeks June 16,2005. She looked so peaceful and sweet when she was born, so healthy, and so silent. I have a healthy son now but Amber Dawn was my firstborn and my only girl. My sweet baby girl.

  5. Tracy Bickford says:

    #’s 3 and 6. December always reminds me of our last loss. We found out I was pregnant Christmas Eve 2010 and counting on the calendar showed we probably conceived on my birthday, Dec. 6. We were so happy. Best birthday/Christmas present ever. This felt like our miracle. It wasn’t meant to be though, and we lost on January 11, 2011. I still remember that joy, though, and hold it close.

  6. Angela Grimes says:

    I’d like to enter for 1, 3, and 6. I’m missing my mom, both my grandmothers, and my baby girl Star who was born still October 4, 2012.

  7. lisa salkeld says:

    Missing my beautiful baby daughter Jasmine who died shortly after she arrived in this world on 29th August this year, spending her first Christmas with the angels instead of her family.

    Please enter me for items 1, 3, 5, 6.

    Thank you x

  8. I would like to enter #3 for our son JayJay 8.7.09

  9. #4 for me… because that has helped me so much, knowing that!

  10. #5 for our son Jackson 10.6.10-5.4.13

  11. #6 as a gift

    Thank you so much!

  12. Shawnda Stephenson says:

    I would like #3 please, and this would have been our Lyric’s first Christmas with us!

  13. I would love to enter for #6 in memory of my dad (1930 – 2011) and my son Thomas (March 9 – 10 2005). I’m missing them both so much right now, and every year at Christmas. Thank you so much.

  14. #2: remembering my only Christmas with my triplets

  15. #6: remember kicks X3

  16. 2,3,4,6

    I am remembering my daughter Tossie this Christmas. But I am entering for my friend who lost her baby on Nov 16th 2013

  17. #3,5,6 please. I am missing my 3 angel babies (11 weeks, 5 weeks, and 18 weeks), but especially our sweet Derek that we lost at 18 weeks on January 15, 2013. I am having a harder time this year than I thought I would, because I remember that I was pregnant this time last year, and started having complications the day after Christmas. It’s going to be a rough holiday season…….

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  20. kristen Onan says:

    I would like #4, 5, or 6 in memory of my sweet baby Meta born into God’s hands 1-21-2010…and in honor of my two other children who keep me moving forward.

  21. Amber goodyear says:

    3 and 4 are perfect! We will be missing our sweet son Silas 12/8/12 so hard having his birthday so close to Christmas. It’s our first year and man the feelings are so so intense!

  22. Miranda Stewart says:

    I like to entry 3 and in memory of my son Wyatt Gabriel November 4, 2013

  23. Tanya Jackson says:

    I would love to be entered for #3 in memory of my angel Adilynn born still at 39wks gestation♥

  24. Tanya Jackson says:

    I would love to be entered for #4 in memory of my angel Adilynn born still at 39wks gestation♥

  25. Tanya Jackson says:

    I would love to be entered for #6 in memory of my angel Adilynn born still at 39wks gestation♥

  26. Tanya Jackson says:

    I would love to be entered for #2 in memory of my angel Adilynn born still at 39wks gestation♥

  27. Lona Grover says:

    I would like #2 for my daughter who lost our precious granddaughter Mackenzie at the age of 2 months. She just passed away on 10/6/2013.

  28. I would like to be entered for #2, #4 & #6. I’m missing my grandparents, my aunt and our baby this season and everyday. Each day is a new day and a new memory I try to remember but trough it all God as always been by my side.

  29. I’d like to entered for #6; in memory of my Isabelle Grace who passed at 4 days old on Sept 22, 2012.

  30. Monica Powell says:

    I would love #6 We hold every moment, every memory in our hearts. In memory of my Son Nicholas who was stillborn at 40weeks on 8/12/2012.

  31. I’d like to be entered for #’s 4, 5, & 6, please. In memory of our son Tristan, who passed away this July at only 4 months old to SIDS. He will be forever loved and missed.

  32. I would like to be entered in for #6 in memory of Olivia and Asher. This is my 3rd Christmas without Olivia and 2nd without Asher. Olivia was stillborn and Asher we lost at 6 weeks old to congenital heart disease and thrombosis.

  33. I would like to enter 4, 5 or 6 in memory of our son Calvin born still at 39 weeks on April 4, 2013. We miss him everyday!

  34. I would like to be entered for #5 an #6 in memory of my son Blake who was born still on November 23, 2008.

  35. I would love to win #1. I would give it to my cousin Chris in loving memory of her baby Connor.

  36. I would like to enter for #6 in memory of our sweet baby girl Skylar Jean who was stillborn at 41 weeks on May 18, 2012

  37. I would like to enter for number 5. Missing my dear Vanessa. She would have been three this week if carried to term.

  38. I would like to enter for #4, #5 or #6 in memory of my daughter Olivia Faye born stillborn June 1 2013

  39. Please enter me in the contest for #6. I would love to wear that in memory of my son Dale 11-10-94 ~ 1-7-95 and my miscarried baby AJ 7-6-96. Thank you!

  40. Rachel Hall says:

    I would like to be entered in for number 5 and 6 please. My Katherine was diagnosed with Trisomy 13 at 22 weeks. I was told over and over when she was born she would never take a breath and would die as soon as the cord was cut. Katherine did take a breath and she did cry. She lived for 5 amazing days and passed away on Aug 11,2013. I am thankful for my precious Miracle and blessed to have had her for those 5 wonderful love filled days. I miss her so much.

  41. Jill Mitchell says:

    Would love any of these lovely pieces. Please put me down for #s 2, 3, 5 or 6. Missing my son Jack born sleeping 09-24-13 @ 27 weeks. Christmas is especially hard as that would have been my due date. Wishing on the angel moms a gentle holiday season. x

  42. I would like to enter for #6 please. Missing my daughter Clara Gail, who was in my arms for 3 months 27 days. She now awaits my arrival in God’s kingdom.

  43. Please enter me for #5. In memory of my baby girl, Faith who died on January 28, 2013 when she was 12 days old.

  44. Sarah Hendricks says:

    I would like #2 for a dear friend & neihbor who’s mother passed away yesterday Dec 1st. I would like # 4 or #5 for myself in memory of my son Enoch Michael who died during delivery on 02-06-2013.

  45. Danielle Roe says:

    Love #6. Missing my two dear angels, who would be 2 years and 2 months this Christmas. Was so looking forward to having a sweet baby at Christmas this year, especially as our second loss we were expecting a daughter, a much wanted baby sister for our boys.

  46. Christine Lyle says:

    I like #6. for my twin boys, held their whole life. June 2 2011

  47. I’d love any but particularly number 6

    In memory of my identical twin girls Hannah and Olivia (born sleeping 09.02.13). Baby ‘Pringle’ (lost 29.11.13) and my wonderful mother who I lost ten years ago on New Year’s Eve

  48. I would LOVE # 4 or 6….This Christmas we are missing the MORE than 15 babies we did not get to bring home over the last 3 years of our infertility journey…

  49. Janelle Dayton says:

    My Story:
    I was 23 weeks pregnant with my twin girls, Shannon and Elizabeth, when I went into premature labor. After countless hours of labor, I gave birth to my daughters. Elizabeth came out first, barely making any noise, and fighting for her life, I was able to get a good look at her real quick before was rushed away by the NICU team. Then Shannon came along. Again she was rushed way to the NICU with her sister. Sadly, Elizabeth only lived for a few short hours and passed away peacefully in my arms. Shannon on the other hand lived for an amazing 7 days before passing away. Today, they would 5 years old, in kindergarten, exploring life.
    Next is my Son Samuel who I miscarried at 16 weeks gestation. I remember he came out sleeping, and just holding him for as long as I could.
    Next is Chelsea, I miscarried her at 12 weeks gestation. That was pretty traumatizing as I was miscarried in my bathroom late one night with no one there to help me.
    Now, is my baby girl (I think) that I miscarried this thanksgiving.

    See, I have 5 angel babies in heaven waiting for me, and not a day goes by that their brief moment here on earth hasn’t left an imprint on my heart. They live on in my heart. I parent them from down bellow to be the best mom I can be for them.

    My Angels <3
    Shannon Nicole and Elizabeth Renee 8/06/08-8/13/08
    Samuel Nicolas 7/23/11
    Chelsea Renee 6/02/12
    Baby Girl Dayton 11/28/13

    Always loved and Never forgotten <3

  50. Wendy Medina says:

    I would love to enter for #5. In memory of my twin b baby girl still born at 26 weeks gestation.

  51. Bethany Conkel says:

    I would love number 6 in memory of my sweet Amalya Nathaniel…. 9/10/12 + always in my heart!

  52. 4 and 5
    I lost my daughter in August 2013 this would be nice memory little feet. She was called ruby . I will miss her this Christmas

  53. I would like to enter for #4 and #6 in memory of my five precious angels. All of which are missed not only this Christmas, but everyday.

  54. Stephanie says:

    I would like to be entered for 2, 3, and 6. These are great.

  55. Laura Oliver says:

    Number 6
    I have been missing my baby so very very much especially with Christmas coming up, my baby was
    Born sleeping April 27th of this year.

  56. I would love to have either 2,3,4,5,or 6.
    I lost my mother at the young age of 10. She had colon cancer. I had the best 10 years with my mom. Some things are hard to remember but I know she loved me dearly. Last year we were surprised when we found out we were pregnant. Then the bad news came just before Thanksgiving. Our precious daughter had Anencephaly. She was born early at 32 weeks on January 31, 2013. We had 51 precious minutes with Rebekah Mary (Named after my mother Mary). She is now in heaven snuggling with my mom!

  57. Mary Young says:

    I would like to enter for all numbers! I have two moms recently that I helped deliver that would love to receive these gifts! I al remembering Adelle this Christmas, with Skylar and Seriah.

  58. Jenn Velasco says:

    Please enter me in 5 & 6 in memory of my beautiful daughter Gabbie, twin to Marco, lost to NEC at 8 weeks old. Missing her everyday and even more around the holidays.

    • Lisa Fisher says:

      I would like to enter for #6 in honor of my mom Susan Mae who died 8/14/1994 at age 46 to breast cancer
      THANK YOU Kelly for including me!

  59. Amanda Lynn McIntosh says:

    I’d like to be entered for #3, 4, 5, and 6. I’m missing my sweet baby Sawyer, who was born 1/4/13 and passed away in my arms on 3/23/13 from complications of Trisomy 18. I also had a miscarriage on 9/6/13. Two babies lost within 6 months of each other. My heart is truly breaking this holiday season.

  60. #4 or #6 My Son Richard Lee Quillen II 11-3-1988 ~ 02-23-2013

  61. I would like to enter for #2 as it has great significance for me this Christmas. My heart still aches terribly for my perfect little Angel. She took a piece of me when she left us. In addition, my gmother is at the end of her beautiful life as she succumbs to brain cancer. She has always been my inspiration and gives real meaning to the phrase “a mother’s love is the first gift we know and one we will never outgrow.” Her entire life has been dedicated to her children, her grandchildren, and her great grand-children. I only hope I can show my babies a fraction of the love she gave all of us and this bracelet would be the perfect way to honor the two most amazing ladies of my life. Thank you for your consideration!

  62. #6 I lossed my first baby in 2009 at 16 weeks.. I then became pregnant in 2010 with a epropic pregnancy. Then in 2012 I became pregnant and gave birth at 33 weeks to a little boy who went home to Jesus. Today I am now in the stages of miscarrying. I am missing all of my children this holiday.. To be able to do all the things parents get to do with their babies. My heart is broken this holiday season because it is all too much.

  63. I would love to be entered for #2. I am missing our sweet boy Everett James this Christmas (and every day) born still on 09/07/13.

  64. Sophie Paterson says:

    #6 – I lost my daughter on 30.08.13 on her 2nd birthday – she was a heart patient and the most loving and giving could you could wish to meet and this would be a beautiful tribute to her

  65. Amie Whitman says:

    #3 & #5. For my sister. Just to let her know that the baby will never be forgotten, just like my daughter, sister and nephew will never be forgotten.

  66. Melissa Eller says:

    Remembering my son Isaiah. He was stillborn on March 26, 2010. Loving him always!!!

  67. Chrissy D. says:

    Please wnter me for #5&6. In memory of our sweet Christian Wayne. He would have been 4 in a month had he not been taken to heaven.

  68. i would like to be entered in 4 and 6 please in memory of our first precious daughter ஜJinnevieveஜ who was stillborn at 20wks on 1/25/13

  69. I would love to be entered for number 3. It’s been over two years and I’m still missing my twins that I lost in 2011 at 8 weeks.

  70. I would love to be entered for #3, 4, 5, and 6.

    I am missing my baby, Asher Robert. After 6 years of trying to conceive, we did. I had IUGR and he was born 3 months early, weighing a month behind. He passed away 5 days later. My heart breaks missing him and not being able to celebrate his first Christmas earth side. This has been a very hard year.

  71. Lynne Devonshire says:

    I love numbers 3, 5 and 6. This Christmas I am remembering my precious son Daniel who died on 20 Dec 2011 at 37 weeks and was born still the next day and my precious wee Grace who died at 9 weeks on 19 Dec 2012. Also thinking of my 4 other little ones who I never got to know. Bless you for what you do. x

  72. # 6. For the past year my family and I have been calling a motel room home. I miss not having a home and not being able to put up the tree and place the ornaments that remind me of those that have passed from my life leaving a huge void. The son whom I never had the chance to meet, my mother who passed away when I was 16, my maternal and paternal grandparents and great grandparents, aunts and uncles. I miss each and everyone of you.

  73. #4 for my sister in honor of her baby boy, Tobin, born still. Continuing to reflect on God’s goodness while we miss him.

  74. #3 and #6. This is the 2nd Christmas in a row that I had hoped to have a tiny baby in my home and arms, but sadly lost them both long before Christmas. Eliana was born at nearly 22 weeks on June 23, 2012 and lived for 2.5 hours, then her brother Micah was lost to miscarriage at 9 weeks on Feb 15, 2013. As I get older, the more I realize the magic of Christmas is seen best through a child’s eyes and I had always hoped to have my own children to share it with. Having only angel babies so far makes the holidays really really hard.

  75. rosanna Guzman says:

    I would like to enter for number 6 to my first child I lost due to miscarriage I love nd miss it so much my angel gone to soon

  76. #5 and #6 We have said goodbye to both our precious babies. Max in 2010 was stillborn at 36 weeks and Baby Love in March 2013. I miss my little ones everyday.

  77. Mandy lobert-Skinner says:

    I love #s 1, 5, and 6. My daughter, Violet, died during labor at 41 weeks.

  78. Susan Guilfoyle says:

    I would like to enter for #2 for my sweet son, Aidan Donan Guilfoyle. Diagnosed with Trisomy 18 when just 11 weeks into our pregnancy. We treasured every single moment he was with us (32 weeks) until Jesus called him home. Not a second goes by that I don’t miss him. He is forever in our hearts and is loved and missed more than words can say.

  79. I am entering for number 5. The necklace with the feet in the heart. I am remembering my precious youngest daughter (oct 15 2010-aug 15 2011) who died from complications to surgery. Wish you were here so much my little princess.

  80. Samantha Keenan says:

    I would like to enter for #2. My beautiful daughter Natalee Cheyenne passed away 6 hours and 19 minutes after being born. She was born 9/23/13

  81. Cindy Christy says:

    In memory of our 1st grandchild, Baby Love Riedy and in honor of his/her mommy and daddy, Rachelle and Josh. Continuing to love this baby, whom Christ is holding in His arms until that wonderful moment when we can.

  82. Samantha Lance says:

    I would like to be entered for number 6 please. I am missing my baby girl, Lucy, who was stillborn at 23 weeks gestation on 2nd May 2013. This should’ve been her first Christmas.

  83. sumar kelley says:

    #5 would be perfect to remember my baby born into heaven on 9/30/11, if not that then #6 is beautiful also. my mothers best friend lost her mother due to cancer and i would like #3 to gift to her.

  84. sumar kelley says:

    i also shared for #1 or #5. thank you

  85. Cheyenne Reyes says:

    #3 and #5 in memory of my little superman who passed at 20 weeks gestation during my open heart surgery on 4-10-13 and was born sleeping 4-12-13

  86. Id like to enter for #3. Please. In honor od my daughter anastasia born still at 37 weeks, march 2nd 2013. She would be 9 months old today

  87. Jessica LaCombe says:

    I’d like to enter for #6 I’m a miscarriage survivor I’ve lost three babies during pregnancy & I know the heartache & loss of losing a child especially this time of year. On November 25 my younger cousin gave birth to her first child a beautiful baby girl named Lillie. Lillie was born with multiple birth defects that ended up taking her from her family the following day. She only lived less than 24hrs. My cousin Christa & her fiancé are devestated by this loss & I’d love to give her this necklace from this beautiful community to keep as a daily reminder that even though her little girl isn’t here she’s always with her. To be able to offer some comfort to a fellow grieving mother is all I want. I just wanna show her she isn’t alone. This is a beautiful way to honor the children gone too soon. Thank you for putting this giveaway together.

  88. Michelle Smith says:

    I would like to be entered for #4 and #6. In memory of my grandparents. My grandfather died of Hodgkins cancer and my grandmother of alzheimers. I miss them so much. They were always there for me and my kids.

  89. Trina Partin says:

    I would like to be entered for # 2,3,4, and 6. I am missing my precious daughter, Emma Sue, 2-22-13 – 4-23-13. She was with us last Christmas in my belly, I am so thankful for that. She left us unexpectedly due to an undiagnosed heart defect. She will forever be in our hearts and we know we will see her again in Heaven. I am also missing my sweet mother. Her light shines forever in my life. I would like a couple of the gifts to give to a dear friend who lost her precious daughter last December.

  90. DEBRA WATERS says:


  91. Alissa Mason says:

    I would like to be entered in number #6. I lost my two little girls (it’s pink too) while carrying triplets at 14 weeks. I have two baby girl angels looking over my now 3 1/2 year old son who I am so lucky to have…he is my miracle. I am only starting to cope with the loss of my other two angels. I don’t talk about it with anyone but my therapist. this necklace would be a token of having them with me always.

  92. I would like to be entered for #1 and #2. This Christmas, I will be remembering my firstborn, Ariella Jade, who was stillborn on January 30, 2013. Missing her, even though I know she is safe with Jesus.

  93. have shared this link on Facebook (

  94. NUMBER 5: Remembering my brother Andy and my babies that are sitting with Jesus.

  95. I would like to enter #3 and #6. This Christmas and everyday I remember my sweet son, Elijah.

  96. Angie Dey says:

    #3and #6 for my sweet Mason Robert born sleeping 6/26/13

  97. Maggie Dise Wilson says:

    I would love #3! I am missing my Angel Baby Jaxton Gregory Wilson Born September 18, 2010 and grew his wings September 21, 2010 due to Hydrocephalus. Christmas for me these past 3 years have just been another ordinary day! I put a smile on my face for my 3 wonderful children but without them there is nothing to celebrate christmas for. just how I feel!

  98. Lena Moores says:

    I would like to enter for numbers 6,3, and 2. They are so cute and makes me think of my little man.

  99. I would like to be entered for #5&6 in memory of my baby Raelynne.

  100. Lisa Fisher says:

    I would like to be entered. For #6 in memory of my sweet mother Susan Mae who died on 8/14/1994

  101. I would love to receive item #6 in memory of our sweet Sara, who we lost at 20 weeks. I miss her everyday & wonder what she would look like & what milestones she would be reaching right now… It’s been a little over a year since we lost her & we are still wondering & hoping if we’ll get our rainbow baby… Thank you for having this giveaway & for being here for mommies with aching hearts.

  102. I would like to be entered for #6. Missing my son this holiday season.

  103. Tiffany Giguere says:

    Please enter me for 1 & 6. Missing my baby boy, Bentley Layne ♥ he was born sleeping on September 30, 2013 at 37 weeks.

  104. Kristina Bodey says:

    <3 Jordan Lee Bodey <3 We miss him everyday. Dont have a lot of memories, but when the ultrasound tech was doing my last ultrasound she commented on his cubby cheeks. When he was born it was the first thing I noticed! #2 and #6

  105. Kristina Bodey says:

    Facebook Share!

  106. kristy roby says:

    Please enter me for 1 & 6 Missing my 2 angels faye ann who was stillborn feb 22, 1999, and my sweet AJ who we were blessed with from dec 19 2002 till he became our angel june 7 2003

  107. Jennifer Roof says:

    I have a baby boy angel born sleeping at 13 weeks. He would be 8 now. But I would like to enter for #6 for any of my 3 friends. One lost her little girl born sleeping at 6 months. The next friend helped me through my own loss as she had so many losses of her own she has no number. The last friend lost her 5 year old son this year in a tragic accident at home. These 3 beautiful woman are incredible and are stronger than I could have ever been.

  108. I would like to enter for number 4 & 6. I lost my daughter in May at 40w 5d. When this happened, I bought heart lockets for my family, while forgetting to purchase an in memory necklace for myself. I would love to have something that represents my Dakota everywhere I go.

  109. I would like to enter for any of the six prizes. I lost my daughter, Charlotte Hahn on May 10, 2007. I was 41 weeks pregnant and when I went in to be induced on May 8, we discovered that her heart had stopped beating. After 36 hours of labor, I delivered a beautiful, perfect angel. It’s been over six years, and every Christmas is hard. I would love to win any of the prizes as a great reminder of her every single day.

    Thank you for a wonderful giveaway :)

  110. I would like to be entered in # 2,3,5, and 6. In memory of my one and only child Evelyne. Evelyne was born at 25 weeks due to me getting Hellp syndrome. She was with us for 30 days in the NICU and passed away from NEC. Still have many hard days without her. She is my love and light. I miss her so much!!! <3

  111. Melissa Johnson says:

    My Fiance lost his son to abuse 5 years ago and I have been through this whole journey with him for the past 4 and a half years. I would love to have something to give us a physical memory of him. He will always be in our hearts and missed everyday but we haven’t gotten anything in memory yet due to lack of extra money.

  112. I would like to enter into all of the drawings. I am doing this is honor of my son James whom I lost on Sept 11th 1997. I was 17 weeks along and we don’t know the cause of death. All I know is that he’s in heaven! Never got to see him, touch him or kiss him. He was taken from my hands and that was it. :/ I also would like honor my grandparents who were the sweetest people that I will ever know! James has great grandparents up in heaven spoiling him like his uncle and Momma got spoiled.

  113. I would like to enter for #1 and #2.
    I remember holding my precious Deaglán, and how happy we were those first 3 weeks with him when life was as it should be, and we were blissfully unaware of what was coming – though I’ll treasure every moment with him, even the 5 weeks after life fell apart that he was still with us.
    And also, I remember my sweet little Rose – though I wasn’t able to see or hold that baby, as things ended in miscarriage, I will always remember that she touched our lives!

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  118. Extra entry for #1 & #2 : I don’t know if Pinterest counts… but if it does, I just made a pin for this page :-)

  119. Kymber Jenkins says:

    Numbers 2, 5, and 6 please. I have some very special people I am missing right now. My mother, who died when I was 16 years old. It has been 24 years since she left and it s true that you ALWAYS need your momma. And also I have 2 angel babies in heaven with her. My sweet TBA who left us on August 24, 2010 and our lil girl Twinkie who left us on November 2011. Such a whole they have left not only in my heart, but in my life. <3

  120. I want to enter for number 4 and number 6. Would love in Memory of my Kenzie but want to win to bless another grieving mother

  121. michelle delp says:

    I love them all! And I am remembering my baby #4 lost, so maybe #4 would be most appropriate.

  122. andrea soergel says:

    I would send #3 to our niece who has lost a boy and a girl-her first two and only babies.

  123. I would like to enter for #2 and 4. They are so pretty! Missing my son Landon this Christmas! <3

  124. shared on facebook!

  125. Nneka Hall says:

    #s 1 and 6 are my favorites. If I win #6 I will give it to my Aunt Jane who’s son passed away the day after Mother’s Day this year. She was blessed to have him for 50 years but the pain…. Thank you for this wonderful giveaway. Wishing all a peaceful holiday season.

  126. Kim Schamburg says:

    I would love to win #2…the precious bracelet. It reminds me that my love, a mother’s love is what my baby knew every second of his life. I miss my sweet son, Seth Josiah who was born quiet and still on March 18, 2012.

  127. I know #6 is a very popular one…if I were to win it, it would be a gift for a dear friend, who recently suffered a different kind of loss. She was hoping for a lifetime of moments, but sometimes the Lord has other plans.

  128. I would like to enter for #6. This year I miss my daughters in heaven.

  129. Amy Kincaid says:

    I would like to enter for each item for myself, my daughter, 2 sister in laws, 2 sisters, and my Mom who have ALL lost babies. I can’t believe every female in my family has lost a baby. How is it one family has seen sdo much loss? The youngest is my own daughter who gave birth to my stillborn grandson on August 1 this year. I have several nieces and another daughter. Will they all have to deal with such heartache too? So hard!

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