SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza ~ Day Two ~ Ornaments for our Family Tree

A Christmas tree tells the story of a family, like nothing else. I love to get my ornaments out each year and put together pieces of our family story, our family tree. I put the ornaments gifted to me after we lost our twin daughters, Faith and Grace. That first Christmas took my breath…stepping into a life without my baby girls, while I was still a baby girl, myself. Not much more than a year later, I placed ornaments in memory of our sweet baby boy, Thomas Patrick. All I have of them, are a few tangible items, like ornaments. Scattered throughout the tree, are the handmade offerings of my sweet boys that walk the earth with us. Kindergarten pictures, carefully placed beads, hand painted masterpieces. My mother’s ornaments, each year, another homemade them, beginning with the glorious 70′s, pepper the tree, along with a couple of the childhood ornaments from my love and me. Our Christmas tree tells a story, like all Christmas trees should. Ours is one of brokenness and redemption, or love and grace, and forgiveness so sweet. Of souls saved, of painful goodbyes, of death and rebirth, of survival, perseverance, and a Savior who came and said, “These are Mine”. Abiding, saving, crazy love.

Today, we are giving away ornaments to help you tell your family’s story. I love Hallmark. Yes, I am a sappy sap of a girl. So, today, we offer you some beautiful Hallmark ornaments to honor the memory of someone you lost and are missing this Christmas.

1. On Wings of Hope ornament ~ With hope, we find our wings.DSC_0213

2. Blessings from Heaven ornament

3. Baby’s First Christmas ~ Girl (Even if your baby is not here on earth, this would be his or her first Christmas in heaven!)

4. Baby’s First Christmas ~ Boy (Even if your baby is not here on earth, this would be his or her first Christmas in heaven!)

5. Always Remembered ornament ~ The ones we love never truly leave us.

6. Merry Christmas from Heaven ornament

To enter, leave a comment sharing about your favorite Christmas ornament, or a favorite Christmas memory about someone you love and are missing this Christmas. Also, please leave the number of the item or items you wish to enter for. You may enter for as many as you would like to receive.

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For an extra 5 entries, donate toward an ornament to add to the SGM tree (You will also get to keep the ornament after Christmas! Details here.)

Spread the word and enjoy! Sending prayers for a peace-filled and gentle season for you and yours. Tune in tomorrow when we share some of my favorite books! Giveaway is going until Friday, so if you didn’t enter yesterday, you can hop over and enter on that post, too!

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  1. Mary Young says:

    I love number #1! And my favorite ornament is a salt dough ornament if my husband when he was 4 years old. It reminds me so much if my boys!

  2. My favorite Christmas ornament is the one we made at the hospital the day we said hello and goodbye to our son. It is glass and has his hand print on it. We made one for ourselves and one for each grandparent. I love it because it is a small part of my son to have during the holidays.

    entering for number 5

  3. Tanya Jackson says:

    My brother took me to school with him I was 4 and he was a senior in high school, and I made a little rabbit ornament, I still hang this up every year!! I would like to enter #1

  4. Tanya Jackson says:

    My brother took me to school with him I was 4 and he was a senior in high school, and I made a little rabbit ornament, I still hang this up every year!! I would like to enter #2

  5. Tanya Jackson says:

    My brother took me to school with him I was 4 and he was a senior in high school, and I made a little rabbit ornament, I still hang this up every year!! I would like to enter #6

  6. Tanya Jackson says:

    My brother took me to school with him I was 4 and he was a senior in high school, and I made a little rabbit ornament, I still hang this up every year!! I would like to enter #5

  7. One of my favorite memories came every year when I lived at home. I loved decorating the tree and house with my parents. We would turn on Christmas music and reminisce on the memories. The neatest thing is my mom’s star and lights for the tree came from the early 70′s so the start is a disco light and I always loved that. She also wrapped all the ornament in the newspaper from that time so its funny to see bell bottom pants on sale for so cheap compared to now. I would like to be entered for #1.

  8. Last year was my husband and mine first Christmas together as a married couple and we received a beautiful ornament for that occasion. We are just starting our Christmas ornament collection journey but I agree I love trees that have ornaments that mean something and tell the story. I would like to be entered for #4

  9. oh I love number 4! It’s my angels first christmas in heaven this year. My absolute favorite part of Christmas is putting up my Christmas village. My mother gave me my first piece when I moved out on my own and I have gotten a new house or something to add to the village every year. I love setting up the houses and streets and love how the kids just light up when they see it all put together.

  10. Shawnda Stephenson says:

    I love #1…we have a hand made ornament with our Lyric’s name on it and decorated with things that remind me of our baby! Thank you!

  11. My favorite Christmas ornament is one that has our sweet baby girl’s picture in it.. butterflies remind me of her and her beautiful spirit. I’d like to win #1. Thank you!

  12. Heather Akers says:

    I love #1. I actually saw it at Hallmark and almost bought it but choose an angel ornament that says daughter. This will be our second Christmas without our baby girl and we decided to buy an angel ornament every year in memory of her. I love the butterfly and when I see one I think of her as we saw one where we spread her ashes and I believe that was her with us that day.

  13. My second favorite Christmas ornament is the one my parents picked out for me for my first Christmas, it has baby sleeping on a little half moon with the year I was born. #2 reminds me of it, I’d like to win it for my sweet angel’s first Christmas in Heaven. Thank you!

  14. Amy Clements says:

    I Love #1. Mising my daughter Catherine. This will be her 2nd Christmas in heaven. Some of my favorite ornaments are ones my son made in school.

  15. When our son passed away a few weeks before Christmas last year, a dear friend gave us a special ornament to hang on our tree. It’s a lion and lamb ornament. Her youngest brother passed away at only a few weeks old when she was only 5. Someone had given them a lion and lamb ornament in memory of her brother and she remembered how special it was to hang his ornament on the tree every year, so she provided the same for us. That meant so much to us!

  16. Danielle Roe says:

    So many favorites… but my most favorite is an ornament we bought while on a family vacation last year, with a family picture in it. Just memories of good times, among the sadness. Would love to be entered for #1, #5, and #6.

  17. #1, #5 and #6 are my favourites! This Christmas would have been Alexander’s first Christmas :(

  18. number 1.. Just simply beautiful. In memory of my only child, Carson

  19. Cheyenne Reyes says:

    #4 for my baby who is his first Christmas in general

  20. Amanda Gintz says:

    I love ornament #1. It is beautiful! My daughter Lyla passed away 2 years ago and during Christmastime, we put up a special tree for her. it is filled with ornaments that remind us of her- mostly pink and princess type of ornaments! My older son loves to help decorate it and it gives us all a chance to remember the precious time we had with our Lyla.

  21. Amanda Gintz says:

    I also love ornament #2! The angel reminds me of my sweet baby girl Lyla who passed away 2 years ago. Thanks for the opportunity to win these. All of the ornaments are beautiful and such a sweet way to remember our precious children who left us too soon.

  22. I love the idea of an ornament to remember our baby and that first one – On Wings Of Hope – would be so perfect for our baby we named Hope.

  23. I love # 1. Butterflies remind me of my little girl, Anastasia Maeve. This should be her first Christmas. I miss her so much.

  24. I love #1: my favorite ornament growing up was a little toy drum

  25. Stephanie says:

    I would like to enter for #1. My favorite Christmas ornament is my husband and I’s first Christmas together. The ornament is a red heart.

  26. Stephanie says:

    I would like to enter for #3. This will be my baby girl Faith’s first Christmas in heaven. My favorite ornament is my angel that is from when i was little.

  27. I like # 1 & 2. My favorite ornaments would be the one I have for each of my angels with their pictures in it.

  28. All the ornaments are beautiful!!! I love 4,5 &6 especially though. I am missing my sweet son Noah so very much right now. We have a few ornaments we started to collect in his memory. So far we haven’t gotten a new one this year. Haven’t been up to it yet.

  29. Number 1 is absolutely perfect!! As beautiful as my precious son Lucas who is sadly missed this Christmas. If I don’t win can you please let me know where to purchase it from… Thanks in advance xo

  30. Kristina Bodey says:

    #1 is beautiful!!! #5 is pretty amazing too! We love to decorate our tree together every year. Lane and I always put the ornament we got for Jordan on together! Usually when no one else is around and its just the 2 of us!

  31. I’ve just started thinking about how to remember my son who was born and died in June amidst all the Christmas festivities. I love number 5 – the sand dollar ornament. Would be a beautiful way to honor him.

  32. Kristina Bodey says:

    Facebook share!!

  33. Number One would be perfect for our tree! My favorite ornament is a photo frame. It says “Family: Together is the best place to be.” Zoë was never with us at Christmas, but it’s dated with the year she was here and holds a picture of all of us together.

  34. Judy Matthias says:

    I love to have a chance to win number 5. My favourite ornaments are those that my nephews made when they were little.

  35. My grandmother, who passed away this fall, would have loved #5. Each of our boys have a plastic canvas ornament that she made and they love hanging them and talking about her.
    We have a lot of ornaments, but my favorite thing about decorating the tree is not the actual ornaments…it’s the opportunity to share the stories and memories that go with them. Our boys get so excited to rehear the history and remember the special days and times spent with people that we often don’t get to see as much as we’d like. It’s such a precious thing to share with them.

  36. My favorite ornament is the hallmark key for our first house we bought together and as a family with me my husband’s 2 little girls was last year when my family came on Christmas eve we did their presents and they stayed the night and we all got up made a huge breakfast hubby went and got his friend and we opened up more presents and I really like 1,4,5,6 rip Levi cole

  37. Carrie Miller says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is driving around looking at lights with family, hot chocolate, and Christmas music. I like ornament 1 in memory of my triplet angels.

  38. I am missing my baby son who passed away in May, but also my aunt Linda. One of my favorite memories of her is listening to her sing (she sang all the time, and at weddings, church, funerals, etc.). She adored Bette Midler and she loved singing “From a Distance (God is watching us).” Ever since Bette redid the song a few short years ago to make a Christmas version, every time I hear that song during the holidays I think of my aunt and cry, missing her. I know she is singing for Jesus in Heaven, hopefully holding my son that she would have loved to have met on earth.

    I would love to win #1, 2, 4, 5, or 6. Thank you so much and God bless you.

  39. DEBRA WATERS says:

    I would like to be entered for #1, again for my daughter who has her angel in heaven.

  40. I would like to be entered for #1 and #6. My favorite Christmas ornament is a blue rocking horse we received the first year my son celebrated Christmas in heaven.

  41. Maggie Dise Wilson says:

    #1 and #6
    I have a ornament that is a baby in a manger for my Angel Baby Jaxton

  42. I would like to be entered in #1. My favorite ornament for my daughter is baby’s first Christmas pink shoes. <3 She never got to celebrate a Christmas with us …so this helps me include her in the holiday.

  43. Ah! I love number one! We always associate butterflies with our little girl. My favorite part of decorating is putting up the “Baby’s First” ornaments. I reserve the honor for myself and they are the first ones on, front and center!

  44. Tracy Black says:

    I love #2. I lost mom this year and I miss her very much this holiday season. Would love to add that to our tree. Each year I get the boys an ornament that signifies something big that happened that year. This year I gave them each their own MawMaw angel to hang on the tree. That was the most life-changing thing that happened in all of our lives this year.

  45. michelle delp says:

    #6. We lost my father-in-law this summer, and it will be our first Christmas without him.

  46. I really love #1 and 4! My favorite ornament is the heart angel wings around a picture of my son.

  47. Nneka Hall says:

    Annaya is my little butterfly baby. The butterfly was her symbol from day one and took on a new meaning when she passed away at 39 weeks. #1 would be a great addition to Annaya’s wrought iron tree.

  48. Jaime Granger says:

    I would like to enter for #1. My favorite ornaments are each of my four kids’ first Christmas ornaments.

  49. Jaime Granger says:

    I would like to enter for #5. One of my other favorite ornaments is from my angel’s second Christmas in Heaven. We lost our beloved young cat that year. We happened to find an ornament of an angel child holding a small cat. It’s adorable and meaningful for us.

  50. I would love to enter for #5. I lost my twin daughters a week apart in the NICU last year right before Christmas. Even though it was hard, it is still my favorite Christmas memory, because I got to hold them one last time.

  51. I would like to enter for #1. My favorite ornament is of my twins’ ultrasound before my water broke.

  52. Amy Kincaid says:

    I am missing several special people this year. My stillborn grandson is my most recent loss and the hardest. I don’t have the special memories of him. I give each of my children an ornament every year and they reflect what their interests were that year. My favorite is an ornament my sister sent me of a pregnant mother hen when I was pregnant with my first baby.

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