SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2013 ~ Final Day ~ Sleep in Heavenly Peace Precious Moments Statue!!


This is the final day for the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2013!! You can comment on all of this week’s posts until 11:59pm tonight to count toward the giveaways. To enter this one, leave a comment sharing whatever you wish about your story…someone you’re missing, or to thank a person or organization who has walked with you in your grief. I hope this week has been a blessing to you. All winners will be announced tomorrow morning. One more tidbit, that has nothing to do with the giveaways…but I think is worth sharing, before I sign off. Sufficient Grace Ministries has been entered into a contest by the gentlemen of Alpha Sigma Phi, who recently hosted a special event to help raise funds, awareness, and make Comfort Bears for bereaved parents served by SGM. They stuffed 85 Comfort Bears and raised $900. But, their efforts haven’t stopped there. Our God loves to multiply blessings. We are currently receiving top votes for the video submitted by Ian (of Alpha Sigma Phi) to the Drew Brees Super Service Challenge to receive the People’s Choice Award and $5,000 to continue to send our Dreams of You packages and support to bereaved parents worldwide. This is an amazing story of compassion displayed by these beautiful college students. And, I would love to see the story go global. We hear plenty of bad news….this is a story of hope and a story with heart. An unlikely pairing…college frat boys and a Christian organization for grieving moms. To vote as many times as you wish between now and December 15, go to this link and click the green button.

It has been an honor and privilege to share this week with you. I have read your comments and I’m sending prayers of God’s peace and comfort for all of you sweet mamas and your families. Thank you for allowing us the privilege of Walking With all of you!


  1. Wow, that statue is beautiful!

    As much as I like helping others by sharing my story, I wish more than anything that it was not necessary. I really hate it when I get emails about others who have lost babies due to similar circumstances and in some cases the baby’s death was very preventable with better medical care…that drives me crazy.

  2. michelle delp says:

    This Christmas our baby would have been 17 years old. It still feels like someone is missing at the table.

  3. Amy Clements says:

    This figurine is beautiful. My daughter Catherine’s 2nd birthday/angelversary in heaven is Dec 9th. This would be a really nice figurine for her memorial cabinet.

    Thank you for all you do and offering these special giveaways ♥

  4. Beautiful statue
    well my gorgeous little princess Isla Brooke Johnson was stillborn on 24/09/2013. She was such a precious baby, she was born at 3:30 p.m measuring 63.5 cm but only weighed 3lb 13 ozs we are currently waiting for her autopsy results, but she struggled putting on weight throughout my pregnancy. I miss her so much and we had her funeral on 11th October her due date was 23/10/2013 and after her funeral we had her wake which was her birthday and Christmas party for everyone to enjoy. I’m not raising money in her name for UK research and resources as things aren’t as accessible here.

    I would do anything to change what’s happening throughout the world and I’m going to start here. My daughter has already been to Minnesota, Cardiff, Scotland lots of places I am so lucky to have so much support and to be able to support others in my precious angels name.

  5. Today is Leslie Michael Day. Exactly two years ago today I gave birth to my son & he died in my arms 29 minutes later. I miss him more than words can express.

  6. Heather Harding says:

    We lost our son, Elliott, in February of 2012 at 17 weeks due to a brain anuerysm. It has been a long, tough year, but we are managing. My now best friend, Bellah, has been my rock. We met at our first support group a year ago. She has been amazing and so comforting. My thoughts are with all of the other angel families.

  7. This is so beautiful! My statue would be in memory of my wonderful son Landon James. <3

  8. I love this sleeping baby. <3

  9. Monica Powell says:

    We lost our first Son Nicholas on August 12, 2012. It was and still is the most painful day of my life. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think of him. I live every day for him by sharing his story, saying his name and doing my best to be his mama even though my arms are empty. I have met so many other loss mother through online and local outreach communities that have help me though this tough time. It is unfortunate that this is what we all have in common to bring us together and had to go through the loss of a child.

  10. I want to thank Avi’s Embrace, a division of Project Sweet Peas, for all they do, and have done, for my family. I don think I could have made it throught this first year without my daughters had it not been for them. Xoxo

  11. Tiffany Giguere says:

    I am missing my son, Bentley Layne, who was stillborn on September 30, 2013. I couldn’t have made it this far without my husband. He has been my rock and I love him so much. I am so thankful for him and his constant support. He never once complained about having to completely take care of our 5 year old son, work and do the house work while I was completely “out of it” when our baby first passed away. Christmas is going to be so hard, but I know I will get through it with him by my side.

  12. Nneka Hall says:

    I love to say, read and hear Annaya’s name. Today I had breakfast with a friend who is an artist. We talked about my loss and loss in general. It was a natural conversation. For the first time since my loss 3 years ago, I found myself able to incorporate my passion in my everyday life without being made to feel abnormal. I need to surround myself with more people like her.

  13. Paula Foster says:

    Eliana (whose name means “God has answered”) was God’s answer to years of infertility and a near divorce. She is and will always be my miracle baby and the one who finally made me a mom. God still answers through her, only far differently than I thought when pregnant. Now I share her story of premature birth/death to try to help others. Her hat and clothes were nearly too big for her, so I now make items to donate that will fit these small angels (Eliana was born just shy of 22 weeks….I have made hats small enough to fit a baby lost at 15 weeks).

    Micah was my hope renewed….his short 9 weeks with is proved his sister wasn’t a fluke and gave me back the hope that raising a child on earth isn’t the impossiblity we thought. Although we are now having to peruse fertility treatments, having him has kept me going knowing it is possible.

    I am grateful for finding SGM and being able to work with them. And I LOVE this precious moments figurine (I have always loved precious moments stuff).

  14. Jessica Rowe says:

    Our sweet son Cameron was born stillborn on August 18. We miss him terribly especially during the holidays. I wish peace and comfort to all the families who are longing for their child too.

  15. alisa Reinhart says:

    Beautiful figurine. It would be a nice piece on my shelf in memory of my Angels

  16. andrea soergel says:

    Haven would be halfway through 4th grade right now. That’s been on my mind a lot lately. SGM is amazing.

  17. Shared on facebook too!

  18. Shannon Sasseville says:

    IT would be so nice to have this in memory of my four angels who were born sleeping way too early. The people who have helped me the most in my journey are a good friend of mine and trained bereavement Doula Tienne Wilkin, other friends who have experienced loss,, and my wonderful husband John.

  19. Michael Cherrone says:

    Missing our Landon this Christmas. This would have been his second.

  20. Angie Kloosterman says:

    We lost our sweet Alivia Sue Kloosterman 2 years ago at 21 weeks pregnant. We had found out that she was triploidy which meant that she had 69 chromosomes instead of 46. That was the day apart of me died! If I win this it would go with her keepsakes on a shelf!. Thank you

  21. Maggie Dise Wilson says:

    missing my Angel Jaxton this Christmas…this would be his 3rd and it doesn’t get easier!

  22. Kim Schamburg says:

    I read an article just this week at Still Standing Magazine about wishes for Christmas. I have to say in anticipation of the Christmas season and if I really could ask for just one wish it would be….. I wish he didn’t die! I am missing my son Seth. This is my second Christmas without him. And if I could give a shout out to SGM. I love my Comfort Bear. Ever since I received it, it sits beside my bed. It was one of the most precious gifts I received in memory of my son. Thank you!

  23. I would love this in memory of our angel Noah. He was stillborn at 20 weeks this October. It is still so hard to go on without him. I am extremely grateful for NILMDTS for our beautiful pictures to remember him by.

  24. That figurine is absolutely adorable. I would love one in remembrance of my baby boy. This should have been his second Christmas, not his third in heaven. Good luck to everyone.

  25. Heather Brown says:

    I love this

  26. Hello

    I think this statue to so simple and poetic together. The colors are gentle just like I think my son would have been. I had very small but beautiful twin boys in 2003. Sadly one of my sons died. His name was Charles. We were goingn to nickname him Charlie. He was bed after my courageous Dad who lost his life battle two years before. They were both strong males who I miss still every single day. My surviving son is an amazing and happy boy, but still misses his brother. He would really like that statue as he has the precious moments boy cross in his room already. Thanks for listening to my story. Hugs to all.

  27. Missing my 5 sweet angels this statue reminds me of them

  28. Elizabeth Strubel says:

    This is our first Christmas without our son, Tyler. He was born sleeping October 7, full term. That is a beautiful figurine. May peace be with all who know this pain

  29. Missing my sweet daughter Isabella lee. I gave birth to her at 21 weeks. She lived for 3 hours and 6 mins after I gave birth to her this past June. My heart and arms still ach to hold her again.

  30. Tanya Baranoski says:

    December 12th 2009, we lost our son Jaden. He and his twin brother Ryan were born at thirty weeks. Both were doing amazing, then Ryan developed an intestional infection called NEC. The next day Jaden developed the same infection. Jaden was just too weak to fight and died the next day. Holidays are always hard. Inside I’m grieving for the son I lost, but also rejoicing for the son I have.

  31. Jeanie Amaya says:

    My dad and step mom have been a huge support for me and my husband throughout our loss and grief. Our dughter was stillborn on June 10, 2013 @ 21 weeks gestation. Other members of my family turned their back on us because they felt their feelingw were more important than ours. This is a beautiful statue. My step mom collects Precious Moments staues. I would love to give this to her for Christmas for all she has done for us. I think she would be so touched.

  32. I would really like to have this in honor of my daughter Ella who was stillborn at 38 weeks

  33. we lost our beautiful grandson tristan oliver on 7/25/13 due to s.i.d.s. the pain is very raw and heartbreaking, we will never get over it. if i win this, i will give it to my daughter and son in law, hoping to ease the deep pain that will forever be with them. they are so sad sometimes, i cry for them everyday. we miss you tristan ♥

  34. Elliana Grace ♥
    miscarried July 2010

  35. I am expecting my rainbow after losing my twin boys 14 months ago and despite the hope that maybe this will be our happy ending…I’m a wreck…the holidays are the hardest….

  36. This figurine melts my heart. I would love this in memory of my sweet baby boy Braddock, born silently August 3, 2011

  37. Beautiful statue :) missing my angel Rebecca this holiday season.

  38. This is so beautiful.
    I am so thankful for all the babyloss organizations. When I am feeling weak and my days seem to hard, I look at themand the people who run those organizations, who are usually bereaved arents as well and I think to myself “I can do this, I can make it, they are still standing, I will survive too.” Thank you for having this ministry and helping me through those days.

  39. A huge thanks to you and Holly….for my sanity. Hahaha! I have been so honored to have you both in my life, even if only online. This figurine is precious. Thank you for this week, Kelly!

  40. I love the figurine but dont know where to comment, if in here or facebook. My baby girl was stillborn on 04/04/2012 she would have been 18 month this past wednesday. I miss her so much!

  41. Requetta Martin says:

    Our son would have been 10 years old this past June. He was born and passed due to complications from a cystic hygroma. When I see this beautiful figurine, it reminds me that the angels are tucking my precious boy in until I can get there!!!

  42. Sherri Ralph says:

    This brought tears to my eyes! My Kristen would have been three on Nov. 19th, lately my oldest has been grieving for her, she was just over two when Kristen was born. It’s just now she’s missing the sister she’ll never know. I would love this ornament for her to remember there are angels looking after our baby!

  43. Shawnee Williams says:

    My support and saving grace has been the ttts survivors with guardian angels support group on Facebook & the ttts grief support team also on Facebook. My angel passed away 9 years ago from complications of prematurity and ttts. I have his survivor and a rainbow, but felt so lost and alone until I found the people on this site. It was nice to connect with people who truly knew and felt my pain. I cannot image where I would be without them.

    In loving memory, Scott Wayne Williams, jr. 10/22-12/26/2004

  44. My rainbow baby was born on November 9th, one month early. Today we placed my gmother in hospice. If it weren’t for my baby making the decision to come early, the most important woman in my entire life would not have had the chance to hold her. I am so incredibly grateful but watching her slip away is tearing me apart and reminding me of the pain I felt when we lost our angel last July. Looking for strength during this heartbreaking time :’(

  45. Kim Rutherford says:

    This statue is on my Christmas list this year. I lost my son Abram to SIDS last May. This will be our 2nd holidays without him. I would love to add this to my collection. Thanks.

  46. Would love to have this for a dear friend

  47. Tiffany Geer says:

    I have an Angel baby sleeping in heaven and a grandchild. I anxiously await walking in the gates of heaven and holding these two precious angels until my arms ache. When I die please don’t shed a tear for me because I will be in Heaven loving on those that we taken from my arms too soon. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who’s arms ache tonight. God Bless each and every one of you.

  48. Oh my goodness, that is so beautiful! My beautiful daughter was stillborn at 36 weeks, 3 days on April 25th, 2010. She has three big brothers who love her, and parents who love and miss her dearly everyday.

  49. Our first and only child, our son, Rowan Christopher, was stillborn on December 17, 2012…8 days before his due date. When December 1 rolled around, my grief reared its ugly head. I’ve been looking for this figurine, but it is only available with a pink blanket. Having this one (with the yellow blanket) would be a beautiful piece to honor my Ro. Thank you for this opportunity :)

  50. Patricia Glass Darnell says:

    My angel will be spending his 10th Christmas in Heaven This year I love and miss him so so much

    • Patricia Glass Darnell says:

      Made a mistake it will be is 11th Christmas in Heaven this year for some reason I keep going by his age he will be 10 years old on December 18th

  51. I love this, Precious Moments have always been special to me. More so now as we remember our beautiful daughter Skylar who would have been 19 months on the 18th. We love you sweetheart.

  52. Always missing L

  53. This is so precious. My daughter was stillborn at 38 weeks this past January and the little things like this hold so much meaning for me. I hope someone who really needs this and can find comfort in it wins this giveaway.

  54. We will be celebrating our 4th Christmas without our first angel daughter and our 2nd without our second angel daughter. We have been blessed to celebrate it with our rainbow baby boy, who was born last month! When he gets older, he will know all about his big sisters. We took him to their resting spots on the way home from the hospital.

  55. Bobbie Anderson says:

    I want to thank all my new friends I have found in support groups on facebook for mothers to angels. I want to thank Sufficient Grace Ministries for my beautiful teddy bear. My sons and I just celebrated my angels 14th birthday Wednesday the 4th of December!! Her name is Hannah Elisabeth Sheets!!

  56. Adrienne Riggs says:

    I love this little figurine. Grief never really goes away, it lingers on through every day. It does get easier as time goes by, but there are days that I still cry. Even though years have flown past, the sorrow seems to last and last. I miss them now as much as I did then. I’ll always wonder what could have been. Three little angels, who earned their wings. Residing now where angels sing. They flew away in ’86 and ’87, to reach their new home in heaven. I never got to see their faces, in my arms never took their places. I never got to touch or hold, for a picture I’d give gold. I have nothing but memories, to keep my babies alive to me. One minute here, the next minute gone. And I had to keep going on. Precious babies, rest on high. Mommy loves you day and night.

  57. How beautiful! I’d love to have this in honor of my daughter, Isla Maeve, who was stillborn at 35 weeks gestation on 5/23/12. I’d like to thank the TLC group with Prentice Hospital and my counselor Peg Brunke.

  58. Brent Ray says:

    Missing Conner, Carson, and Ann Francis. All three born alive and went to Jesus 5/21/13. Daddy misses them every day

  59. Jodie moss says:

    So perfect puts into action what we feel

  60. This is so sweet. A sweet reminder of my son Liam, born sleeping in 2011. <3

  61. Jaime Granger says:

    I love this statue! I lost my baby girl Sydney almost 5 years ago. She was born at 20 weeks on Feb 10, 2009, and lived for two hours. I miss her so much and always will.

  62. This would be amazing to have. My aunt has helped me so much through my grief! She lost twins many years ago around the same gestational age as I did. She has given me many Precious Moments over the years for various things and this would complete my collection. I would also love to find one and give it to her. My story is, 10 months after my last daughter (3rd) was born we found out we were unexpectedly expecting again. I was very overwhelmed but welcomed the thought of having another baby. We found out he was a boy in January of this year. We were SO excited to say the least. But somehow in the back of my mind I kept having the feeling that something wasn’t right and that we weren’t going to keep this little one. In Feb. for my monthly appointment at 24 wks no heart beat could be found. I just thought he was the calm one of the bunch because he was never really active. I was so wrong and feel so guilty that I didn’t get checked sooner. He was born still. And so beautiful!!!

  63. The item I was missing the most to feel a bit more at peace with my loss of my 6th child was a baby memory book. I looked and looked and finally found yours. It is simply perfect! Of course, just like for my other babies I have not finished it yet but I will… Lovely figurine, thank you for all you do for blm and families!

  64. Jessica Atwell says:

    Missing my son, Ainsley Riverre Greyson. This is his first Christmas in Heaven. <3

  65. Lindsey Respondek says:

    Gorgeous. Miss our Henry Christopher this holiday season.

  66. This figurine is beautiful, this year will be my 11th Christmas without son Nathan.

  67. Love You and SGM Kelly, you are a blessing!

  68. Precious Moments statues have always had a special meaning in my life so when I saw this, I knew I had to have it in honor of my sweet Mateo. This holiday season is our first without him. My husband and I originally weren’t going to set up the tree or celebrate but then we decided that we needed to just for Mateo, so he can see those lights and enjoy the beautiful sight.

  69. I have 2 angels. Lily was born at 22 wks on May 30, 2012. Her little sister, Lucy Rose was born December 27, 2012 at 17 wks. I’m not sure how I to feel this Christmas. Some days are happy, knowing my girls are together. Other days, I feel very selfish, wanting my girls with me and their dad. Thank you for the opportunity to win such a beautiful gift!

  70. This is precious! I would love to give this to my daughter Kara who is having her first Christmas without her daughter Alyana.

  71. Ruth Gifford says:

    I collect precious moments and never knew about this one. I would love to have it to remember our sweet daughter, Jocelyn. She was born into the arms of Jesus on August, 28, 2011. I owe all of our thanks to God for carrying us through that most difficult time in our lives.

  72. How beautiful! This would be an amazing keepsake for our little ones in Heaven. They would now be 15, 13, 12, 11 and 8. I miss them every day. <3

  73. I would like to win this in memory of my baby Faith. This will be our first Christmas without her. She would be almost 10months old if she would have lived. Thanks to sgm, such s wonderful organization.

  74. Amber osvold says:

    I would love to win this for my angels. My most recent was 11-30-13

  75. Amy Kincaid says:

    This walk through baby loss has brought me so many amazing friends!

  76. I love that precious moment figure, the first thing I noticed was the blonde hair on the baby, just like my little girl had. I’m most thankful for all the other angel mothers I’ve met, without them I would feel completely alone.

  77. I am so thankful for my family and my church family. They have walked with us and supported us in our loss of our son Garren. His 1st heavenly birthday will be Sunday the 8th. Our church has been faithfully praying for us, sending us cards and notes on the 8th of every month, and joining us in supporting perinatal bereavement organizations in honor of our son. They have truly shown what it is to mourn with those who mourn. The precious moments statue is so beautiful!

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