Walking With You Bereavement Support ~ In Real Life ~ And Online

For our online friends, we will be starting a new Walking With You series on the blog beginning Monday January 7th. In the past, we have shared pieces of our story each week. But, we will be revamping this Walking With You a bit. I will be posting details soon. If you would like to share ideas on weekly topics that you think would be helpful for grieving mothers, please leave them in the comments. Thank you!

And for our local friends, we are excited to announce a monthly bereavement support group monthly gathering at the SGM facility!!
Walking With You Bereavement Support Group (For those local to Northwest Ohio)

For those walking the path of grieving the loss of a baby or child, we offer grace for the journey and a friend to walk with you…

There are moments on this walk when we feel we cannot go on. Moments when a friend
comes alongside us to point us again to the One who sustains us. A friend to
offer a safe haven, a listening ear. A friend who understands. A friend to lift
us in prayer. A friend to allow us to lean on her as she leans on Him. A
friend, who is not afraid to walk through the valley in the rain, with a storm
mounting. She is not afraid because she doesn’t walk alone. Whether you are a
newly bereaved mother or a seasoned mom who has watched the Lord make beauty
from ashes in your life. Whether you need someone to lean on or you are the
shoulder that can bear the burden, we hope you will walk with us as we are
walking with Him. We hope you will join us with our broken umbrellas, with all
our little quirks and imperfections in our various stages on this walk, as His
grace washes over us in the pouring rain.

Beginning January 7, 2013 at 7:00p.m., and continuing the first Monday of each month, Sufficient Grace Ministries is
pleased to begin offering a monthly gathering of support for grieving mothers.
This will be a place for mothers to come together, where they can tell their
stories, share about the precious lives of their babies, cry, encourage one
another, spend time with moms who “get it”, find strength in knowing that they are
not walking alone. We will pray for one another and show love and grace,
offering a safe haven to express and work through grief.  The more we walk with moms, the more evident
it becomes that what is truly needed in the throes of grief, is an offering of
hope, a listening ear, and a safe non-judgmental place of love. That is what we
will offer each month to those who find their way to us. A shelter from the
storm…a place to come as you are…broken pieces and all.

When: First Monday of each month at 7p.m.

Where: Sufficient Grace Ministries

300 Chestnut St.

Deshler, Ohio 43516


*There is no cost to attend, and no reservation required. Come as you are, as often or as little as you wish.


For more information, please contact Kelly Gerken at sufficientgraceministries at gmail dot com.

Visit: www.sufficientgraceministries.org or “Like” Sufficient Grace Ministries on Facebook for updates.


  1. Sarah Eddins says:

    I think it is wonderful that you all will be starting a support group! We participated in one after we lost our Andrew and it was so healing to be surrounded by women who knew EXACTLY what we were going through. If I loved closer, I would certainly join you!! I love hearing how God is growing the ministry – praise God!

  2. Thank you, Sarah! I wish you did live closer…along with so many of the women we’ve met online. I think that a lot. And, as I’m typing it, it struck me…that’s what heaven will be like. All the people I long to be with…people who love the Lord and one another…together for all eternity. No goodbyes. No sickness. No ending to the joy and laughter. No more…”I wish”. Just another thing to look forward to. :)

  3. Yeaaa looking forward to it !

  4. can you move to western NY? :o ) wish ohio was closer.

  5. This is much needed where I live…..

    Looking forward to the Walking With You…..

  6. wish i could be there for the mtgs!!


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