SGM is Teaming up with Avon! Find out How you can Get a Precious Ornament and Support SGM!

As many of us know…

Most families have the joy of bringing home their newborn baby and have the pleasure of watching them grow. This is not the case for all families. When joy turns to devastation, and parents face the agony of empty arms in place of the joy they hoped for, we are here

Christmas is an especially difficult time for those missing a loved one, and most certainly for grieving parents. This year, as always, Sufficient Grace is looking for ways to reach out to hurting hearts, to offer hope and encouragement.

My dear friend Lori Vance is a wonderful mother, and very successful businesswoman working for Avon.  She has walked through a great deal on her journey to become a mother, struggling with the effects of diabetes and enduring fertility issues, and the loss of one of the babies she conceived on her journey to become the mother she is today, to her beautiful, curly-haired daughter.

She has a heart for women who have longed to be called mother, and women who have endured loss. She also has a passion for Avon, the company she has worked for, building a successful career as she heads a very large district of representatives. I have had the privilege of sharing about SGM to some of her representatives from Avon, and they are inspired to help support the worldwide outreach of Sufficient Grace Ministries, kicking off a fundraiser that is going to offer my favorite kinds of blessings. The kind that are multiplied.

Have you noticed how God loves to multiply the blessings, when we give just a little?

This is one of those times.

Avon is currently offering these beautiful “Baby’s 1st Ornaments” ($7.99) in pink or blue, and for each one you purchase from the link to one of the Avon Representatives posted on this site, she will donate $1 to Sufficient Grace Ministries!

Everyone loves to buy a baby ornament for a new little one, or an expectant mother. They are also wonderful for mothers who have a baby in heaven and want to honor the memory of their child on the Christmas tree. There is a special place on the back where you can personalize your ornament. These make great gifts if you want to purchase one to keep for yourself or give as a gift, and we will ship it to you if you aren’t local. But that’s not all!! If you, or someone you know wants to purchase an ornament and donate it back to SGM, not only will the ministry receive the dollar you give, but also we will receive an ornament to give away to a grieving family!! Just tell Tracy, you want to buy the ornament and donate it to SGM. So…you can buy it to keep or give to someone as a gift for yourself. And/or, you can buy one to donate to SGM for another grieving heart. Either way, $1 is also donated to SGM for the work we do to support grieving families!! 

Cool, huh? Multiply the blessings! I love it, and I’m super excited. Will you please help us spread the word by sharing this post on Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or anywhere. Ornaments are only available for a limited time, so place your order soon!!

Ok…here’s how you can order:

Go to Tracy’s Avon site:

Click on: “Shop my eBrochure” (tab on the left side of the page)

Click on the picture of Campaign 21-22 Brochure with the Penguin on the front

Go to page 6 and you’ll see the ornament, with instructions to click on the ornament to view and place an order online.

Please specify when ordering if you would like the ornament shipped to you or if you are donating it to SGM. If donating, you will receive a certificate so you know your ornament went to SGM. 

If you have any questions about ornament purchases, you can email Tracy Black at: heavenlymemory at yahoo dot com

Any other questions, contact Kelly Gerken: sufficientgraceministries at gmail dot com

For more information about Sufficient Grace Ministries, go to





  1. That’s an amazing accomplishment Kelly!!! I’m so proud of you. WOW! AVON is a huge company! YAY….you just made my day.


    • Thanks, Trisha! Right now, it is just a large district in our area that is participating, but the representatives are hoping this can spread to a national Avon fundraiser eventually! Still, the area of reps participating in the Ohio/Michigan/ Indiana area is awesome. Plus, since people can order through the link, they can order from anywhere!!

  2. That’s so cool! Those ornaments are super cute!!

    Love to watch God multiply…..

  3. love love love! hope many of them sell!


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