October 15th Lantern Release

We were unable to do the lantern release at the end of the Grace for the Journey Conference, as we hoped, due to the rain. It was rescheduled for October 15th at 7:00 pm in Hamler, Ohio. We were blessed to have a few special families join us to remember more than 130 babies and children in heaven.

My family was held up by trains, making us a bit late for our own event. (Have I mentioned I live in the town of the crossroads of the B&O Railroad? Sounds cool, but it really means we’re constantly waiting on trains!) When we finally arrived, we set up, joined by the Vollmer family, my friend Dee from Payton’s Precious Memories, and another friend, Cyndy.

We lit candles, sang Amazing Grace, and said a prayer. Then we took a moment to read each name by candle light.



Then, we braved the chilly (and slightly windy) evening. Some of the lanterns were a bit unruly. My amazing husband chased several lanterns. One that even escaped into the field!







































I didn’t know the Faith, Grace, and Thomas lantern was written upside down until I was looking at the pictures on the way home. I was a little disappointed, and Tim said, “It’s upside down from our view, but from their view (heaven), it’s right side up as they look down.” I like his perspective…and theirs.







Such a precious evening of remembrance…thank you for remembering with us.

We also added more than 100 names to the October 15th Remembrance page. Keeping so many of you in prayer.


  1. Karen Vollmwe says:

    It was a very special evening. Glad we could be there to help with the lantern launching to remember the babies lost too soon. Very emotional and moving. Thanks for having the event. Hope to be of help in the future!

  2. Karen Vollmer says:

    I guess typing in a dimly lit room cause me to misspell my own name….. Sorry

  3. Beautiful remembrance….

  4. so many names! thank you so much for doing the release Kelly! i bet it was beautiful in person

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