If You Really Want to Be a Non-Conformist

I was on my daily walk this morning, thinking thoughts and listening to John Mayer’s lyrical genius and folksy melodies.

As he sang:

“Don’t be scared to walk alone. Don’t be scared to like it…

Dream your dreams, but don’t pretend.

Make friends with what you are…”

I nodded, smiling, alternating between a walk and a jog. You never know, who or what God may use to speak to your heart. It’s good to be open and listening.

How much we sometimes want to be liked and understood by others. How difficult it can be to stand alone, while it seems most of the world is walking a different way. But, maybe, just maybe…we can embrace and enjoy a bit of solitude.  Now that I’m working from home, I’ve experienced more alone time than ever in my adult life. I have some friends who have been called to truly stand alone…more alone than I have known. Moms, whose children are grown, and husband’s have passed. I thought of them, as my feet pounded the pavement, praying as I walked…that they would feel the Lord’s presence, His love piercing through the loneliness.

I thought of our kids, and how important it is to teach them to stand on their own, to be independent. To have the courage to stand for what is right, and the grace to respect others when they disagree. Not to be swayed by the influences of others, or deceived by the political correctness that permeates our world. It isn’t popular to ask them to choose the narrow path. Sometimes the Lord calls us to do things outside of the box, making no earthly sense.

If you really want to be a non-conformist, follow Jesus.

Girls, if you really want to shake things up, really want to be different, put away the spandex and stilt-like heels, and dress modestly. Be courageous enough to be noticed for your true beauty. Boys, if you really want an adventure, really want to change the world, turn things upside down living for Him. Know the truth and be set free by it. Keep your word, have respect for yourself, uphold integrity. Really want to be strong? Resist the constant flow of temptations to compromise. Anyone can give in and cave. Dare to be different. Dare to stand. Dare to walk the path you’re given with grace and strength. Embrace the person God created you to be.

And, if no one else stands with you… “don’t be scared to walk alone…and don’t be scared to like it…make friends with what you are”.

I’m kind of liking it.

And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God. ~ Romans 12:2


  1. Loving these words of wisdom and encouragement Kelly!

  2. Your advice for women and girls is so true!!

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