An Angel Pin Giveaway and an Opportunity to Support SGM



Debby Waggoner from Angels from my Heart recently contacted Holly and Kelly (me) from Sufficient Grace Ministries to offer an opportunity to partner with her in order to raise funds for SGM. She is offering the Joyous pin and the Grace ornament (a fitting name!) and giving a portion of the proceeds to Sufficient Grace Ministries. You can visit this link for more information and to order from Debby to support SGM:

Angels from My Heart

This is a fun way to support SGM and to get something beautiful at the same time! For a limited time, we will also be giving the Joyous pin for those who donate $20 or more  directly to SGM. You can donate by visiting our Support SGM Page.

And, because we love you, we would like to give away a Joyous pin on this post. Just leave a comment about something that brings you joy to enter. We’ll pick a winner by next week.

For the next couple days, the ladies of SGM will be at the Women of Faith Conference. Please keep us in prayer as we travel.


Joyous pin


Grace ornament








  1. mashele moore says:

    Something that brings me joy is when i look at my son’s pictures and know that one day i will hold them again in heaven.

  2. Stephanie D says:

    Joy is the peace in the heart of a babyloss mom when she realizes she can remember her baby with a smile.

  3. The pin is beautiful! Something that brings me joy is being outdoors and capturing my surroundings on camera…especially when camping

  4. Betty Jackson says:

    My kiddos bring me joy! That and God’s promise that one day I will be reunited with my daughter.

  5. Kristina Bodey says:

    Looking at Jordan’s pictures with Lane brings me joy! And showing them to other people too!!!

  6. posted about the pins too!

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