SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2011 ~ Day One ~ Ornaments!

I’m so excited! Today kicks off the first day of the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza 2011!!! We will be giving away some very special gifts all week, so keep stopping back to see what we will be offering each day! You can help spread the word by sharing this sweet button (created by the lovely and talented Franchesca) from the sidebar:

Christmas is such a special time to reflect on the gift of our Savior and the love we share with our families. But, for those missing a loved one, Christmas can be a difficult time. My mother loved Christmas,  and every year…whether life was difficult or not…she relished the joy of Christmas and giving to those she loved. So, the SGM Christmas Giveaway Extravaganza is an effort to find a little light-hearted joy and celebration in the midst of all the heavy. We want to bless some hurting hearts…and some happy hearts…and whoever we can bless with a bit of fun.

And, now for the fun part. Each day, we will post some items to be given away. Some will be memorial items to honor the lives of those we love who are celebrating Christmas in heaven. A few will just be fun stuff that I wanted to share.

Today’s items are several choices of beautiful ornaments, including a new design from My Forever Child!



#1. This beautiful ornament from My Forever Child has the perfect quote in memory of a child who has gone home to heaven. “So softly you tiptoed into our world. And what an imprint you left upon our hearts” I love it soooo much! So much that SGM purchased several. We will be giving away 2 on this post!! The back can be engraved with a name and or date or other message to personalize.



#2. These lovely hand-painted ornaments are made by Deanna from Payton’s Precious Memories. Deanna generously donated an ornament to be given away. She will personalize the ornament and has a few styles to choose from on her site. We are giving away 1 ornament from Payton’s Precious Memories on this post.





















#3. This Hallmark ornament is part of a beautiful series of ornaments created in memory of loved ones. “Always remembered. Always in our hearts.” Another perfect message. We are giving away one Always Remembered Hallmark ornament!







#4. This ornament, also from Hallmark, comes with a poem that I absolutely love. The inscription on the ornament is: I love you all dearly, Now don’t shed a tear, I’m spending my Christmas with Jesus this year. I have this one on my tree in memory of my mother. We are giving away one Merry Christmas from Heaven ornament!

* To enter the giveaway, you must leave a comment on this post. The comment must list the ornaments you wish to be entered for. If you want to enter for all, simply say all.  Otherwise, please list the ornaments you are interested in winning using the number listed by each description. For instance, if you want to enter for the My Forever Child ornament, you would put 1.  You can enter for as many as you wish.

* For an extra entry, you may leave a separate comment sharing a special Christmas memory of someone you love that’s in heaven. Or you can also share a way that you honor the memory of your baby or loved one at Christmas.

*For additional entries…

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Thanks so much for stopping by and have a beautiful and blessed Monday!!

Love to all…

*Giveaway sponsored by Sufficient Grace Ministries for Women and Families, Inc.


  1. Karla Sheehan says:

    In loving memory of Brendan Michael Sheehan May 10, 2010 – May 15, 2010
    (ornaments 1,2)

  2. Kristina Bodey says:

    They are ALL beautiful Kelly! I don’t have any ornaments for Jordan except the one I bought when I was still preggers with him :(

  3. Kristina Bodey says:

    I follow on Facebook!

  4. Kristina Bodey says:

    And follow the blog!!!!

  5. What a lovely bunch of ornaments Kelly! YOU are so special!

  6. SGM has done so much for our entire family. Thank you so very much.

  7. First, I just think that it is awesome that you have been doing this for the last couple of years. It gives a handful of people something so beautiful and priceless to hold onto. Thank you…

    I think that all of the ornaments are unique and beautiful. #4 made me cry. I can just hear Isaiah whispering those words to my heart…….


  8. Yes, I love and follow you Kelly. :)

  9. In memory of Isaiah, we lay his little blue stocking along with his brothers, and decorate our Christmas tree with his ornaments first. It really gives us a moment to have a special time for just Isaiah.

  10. I would like to be entered for ornaments #1, and #3.

  11. Maryann Reimund says:

    I adore all the ornaments but I especially fell in love with number 1 and number 4.
    There is not a day or night that goes by that I don’t think of our beloved angel Erin Lee. For whatever reason God called you home before mommy had a chance to deliver you for all to see.. We find comfort in knowing that we will all see you when we too make our way home. Mommy keeps your little fireman boots on the tree in your memory. They are always the first to go on the tree. I know you will have a wonderful Christmas again this year with our Beloved Father!!

  12. I would love number 1,2, or 4. Thank you!

  13. Amy Murphy says:

    I haven’t found a special ornament for our sweet ones who went straight to Jesus. All are beautiful, and I would love to put any of these on our tree. All.

  14. In memory of Aiden Joshua. I never got to make any memories with him, as I said goodbye before I ever got to say hello, but I do have a memory after he was gone. We released balloons for him, and they disappeared right away. My friend did the same, and they disappeared again, very quickly. So we joke now that he must be very grabby, like his daddy.

  15. I would love #1 or #3

  16. #3! Oh my sweetness. My friend Amy (Nevaeh’s mommy) found this ornament the other day at Hallmark, and I fell in love with it!

  17. shared on Facebook!

  18. They are all truly beautiful! In honor of Samantha Jean born sleeping and receiving her angel wings on January 27, 2011. (ornaments 1 and 3)

  19. This is our first Christmas without our baby girl. So, we are still trying to decide on ways to honor/remember our little girl. We have included a dragonfly and poem I wrote with our Christmas letters this year, as they have a special meaning and carry a special message to us from heaven from our baby girl. We decided to include a little paragraph in our Christmas letter as well. We are in search of an ornament to add to the tree in her honor. I am also thinking of creating a stocking with her name or initials on it. All still a work in progress, especially seeing so many different ideas. Anyone have other ideas on making it through the first Christmas?

  20. They are all beautiful! Thank you for the opportunity to enter. ALL :)

  21. Stephanie D says:


  22. Stephanie D says:

    We love picking out a new ornament each year as a family that represents our babies in Heaven.

  23. Stephanie D says:
  24. Stephanie D says:

    LIKED Sufficient Grace Ministries for Women (and Families) Inc. on FB

  25. Stephanie D says:

    Congratulations, Steph D
    You are now following The Beauty of Sufficient Grace

  26. Anika Drysdale says:

    Hi, I think they are ALL beautiful! Miss my 3 babies so much…

  27. Clare O'Reilly says:

    All. My Hannah has been an angel since August 27th 2011. I haven’t found that perfect ornament for her that I can afford.

  28. Wow, all those ornaments are SO beautiful! I can’t choose a favorite for my sweet Noah. Thank you so much for doing this to help brighten Christmas for so many!

  29. all, please. :)

  30. I follow on the fb page now,found you through a friend.i would love to be entered for any ornament in memory of my twin angel the passed at 5weeks,5days old,january 14th is his bday and this will be my first christmas without him.

  31. OK, I am officially IN LOVE with the My forever child ornament!!! I want to be entered for that!!! (I will not enter in the others, since I have some beautiful ornaments for my baby girl, I would rather others get the chance.) But I couldn’t resist for the new engraved one!!!

  32. I “like” (really LOVE) you on facebook!

  33. I follow your blog! :)

  34. 1,2 & 3 please.
    In memory of my daughters, Adrianna, Abigail, Lilly & Kayla. Thank you. <3

  35. This year we are going to buy toys for the age my daughters should be & donate them to children in need. My son is looking forward to pickking them out. :’)

  36. Loving & “like” your FB page!

  37. I’d love to be entered in all of them! :)

  38. Of course my fav Christmas memory for Carleigh is our time we spent in Hawaii together right after her diagnosis. I will always cherish that time!

  39. Shared the button!

  40. I would love any of the ornaments. Please enter me for all. Thank you.

  41. shared on blog!

  42. posted on FB!

  43. i like the SGM page!!! :)

  44. i follow the blog

  45. This is our first Christmas without our precious Aidan. We have a tree in his room full of special ornaments just for him. We leave it lit all the time. We have also asked that peoria do one nice thing and wrote it down. Then mail us the note and we will stuff A’s stocking. That way we have something to put in his stocking an open Christmas Morning.

  46. I follow the blog.

  47. I liked the page on Facebook. Thank you!

  48. Tawnya Thomas says:

    Would love 1, 2, or 3, please.

  49. Tawnya Thomas says:

    In memory of Honour Meagan Thomas, stillborn on February 26, 2011 at 37 weeks 5 days, unknown cause.

  50. Tawnya Thomas says:

    LIked your page on FB!

  51. Tawnya Thomas says:

    Linked to your page on FB.

  52. I would love to win 1, 2, or 3. Every year I want to find a special Christmas tree ornament for our daughter to add to our tree in her memory. All the ornaments you are giving away are beautiful! Thank you – This is so generous of you and I know it will bring a much needed smile to the faces of those who win. XOXO

  53. Every year my kids and I decorate a small Christmas tree to take to our daughter’s grave. I also hang a stocking for her and fill it with little “gifts” that the kids can take to their sister. Also, when we do our yearly Santa picture, we include her stuffed giraffe as a representation of her.

  54. I like SGM of FB!

  55. I follow the SGM blog!

  56. in loving memory of Maddison McKenzie Rivera- both born and heaven bound on May 18, 2010. And we celebrate at Christmas by releasing red and green balloons to her. Last year the sky looked amazing this year we will do the same thing.

    I would like to enter in for ALL ornaments.

    Thanks for this giveaway!!

  57. we lost my grama on January 14th, 2011 and will celebrate by creating her “dish” for christmas. Not sure if we can make it the same but we will sure try.

  58. I would love number one. Footprints have a special place in my heart. My boy had big feet!

  59. Any of these lovely items would be great!

  60. How generous of you. I am a follower of this blog.

  61. How fun! I would love to to be entered to win ALL, please. They are just beautiful!

    • We have an ornament on our tree in memory of our niece Sophia who died at three weeks old. While we didn’t put many breakable ornaments on the tree this year with a new baby, we did include hers because she just has to be there. :)

      I don’t have any ornaments to remember my babies, which makes me especially excited about this giveaway. This is the first year that Christmas doesn’t hurt so much, so I think I’m in a better place to remember them fondly at Christmas.

  62. I follow the blog. :)

  63. What beautiful ornaments and such a wonderful giveaway. I especially love # 2 and #4. In memory of my sweet daughter, Madaline Grace.

  64. I like SGM on Facebook now! :)

  65. I would love to enter for 1 and 2 ornament. Thank you!

  66. I am having people do random acts of kindness in Cameron’s name and write them down and give them to me to stuff in his stocking to open on Christmas day. 1,2

  67. Carrie Konig says:

    I would like to be entered into ALL, thank you!
    I “Like” you on Facebook.
    Shared the link on Facebook.
    Following your blog
    In the sweet memory of Eden Elisha ~ May 2, 2010

  68. 1. This is our 2nd Christmas without our daughter. We still celebrate Christmas with her just in a different way of course. She still gets gifts, has a stocking, new ornaments every year, etc. I couldn’t imagine leaving our angel out. She will forever be a part of our family.

  69. 2. I like Sufficient Grace Ministries on Facebook now! :)

  70. 3. I am a follower of your blog :)

  71. Tawnya Thomas says:

    Now following your blog.

  72. Betty Jackson says:

    There is no way I could pick one. I would like to enter for them all and take what I get!

  73. Betty Jackson says:

    I shared the post on facebook

  74. Betty Jackson says:

    To remember our little girl we have a n ornament I found last year that we hang front and center. I also light a candle for her on her due date, Dec. 1st.

  75. I would love to be entered for all of them

  76. We have a lot of ways we remember Calypso (our angel) I’ve asked people worldwide to write her name in the sand at the oceanside and send me photos. I have so many wonderful photos of people helping us remember our girl.

  77. Betty Jackson says:

    I like the Facebook page!

  78. I put the button on my blog

  79. Ornaments 1 and 4 thank you

  80. Chelsea Wallis says:

    I love them all!!

  81. In memory of our little boy gone much too soon – I would like to enter all.

  82. Chelsea Wallis says:

    This year for Christmas we will be making the girls stockings. I also plan to get both Evie bear and Lainey bear (from Molly bears) Christmas outfits. We will also be sending out Christmas cards with family photos, including Evie and we will make sure to sign Lainey’s name with love.

  83. Chelsea Wallis says:

    Shared on fb

  84. Danialle Flannery says:

    All. This is my first Christmas without our precious boy. My Bentley grew his wings this June to SIDS. Just 6 days before he was 4 months. My heart hurts every second of everyday. In honor of Bentley our toddlers bought a gift to donate to our children’s hospital floor here. I am excited to start this new tradition in Bentley’s precious name.

  85. Thank you so much for this giveaway! I would like to be entered for 1,3, & 5 :)

  86. Shared on Facebook!

  87. Chelsea Wallis says:

    Liked SGM on fb.

  88. I remember my three angels on Christmas with three little stockings and ornaments I have made and received. Also a memory of my Nana (who just passed away in July due to Leukemia) is how much she loved Christmas and seeing all the family together (she and my papa lived in a different state) and how she always had us get together and take family pics every year. She will be greatly missed every day :*( but I know that she is up in Heaven loving my three babies. <3

  89. Follow this blog

  90. “Liked” Sufficient Grace’s Facebook page

  91. I would love to be entered for #’s 1 & 2 for my angle Ryan.

  92. I’ll never forget my Grandma opening presents on Christmas. She never wanted anyone to spend any money on her. She would open the gift and say “Oh, I love it. What is it?” It still cracks us up when we think about it.

  93. Id love any of them they are beautiful!!!

  94. Kelly Nunamaker says:

    ALL please. In loving memory of our precious baby boy Dale S. Nunamaker Nov. 10, 1994 ~ Jan. 7, 1995.

  95. I follow this blog :) hugs

  96. Kelly Nunamaker says:

    Seventeen years ago we had our precious son for almost 2 months. We were able to celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas & he was sick on New years. Such a short time we had him but memories to last a lifetime.

  97. Kael is my angel in heaven. He passes away at 5 months old. He never got to experience christmas but we remember him by ornaments on the tree,,include him on, our christmas cards and hang his stocking with ours and decorate his grave.

  98. i would love to be entered for ornament #3

  99. I would love to be entered for #1 and #3. Thank you for the chance.

  100. This will be our first Christmas without our son Corbin. My husband and I decided that we are going to give each of our extended family members a gift in his memory. This year’s gift will be a copy of Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You. They will be purchased from Kohl’s where part of the proceeds go to a charity to help children’s literacy. I love the message of the book and knowing that my purchase will help children… And I love that my son will still be included in our family celebrations in a tangible way.

  101. I would love to be entered for #1, 2, and 4, thank you.

  102. Last year in memory of my son we brought his candle to each Christmas celebration we went to and lit it to remind everyone of his presence among us. This year we will be packing another candle to bring and lit in memory of my daughter. Two angels in heaven looking down on us.

  103. Alex Garcia says:

    All,please.In memory of our daughter,Gabriella Grace.

  104. Alex Garcia says:

    For Christmas we will be donating to MEND as well as purchasing a gift for a girl,that would be about the same age as our daughter and donte it to the local toy drive.

  105. Thank you for doing this. This is our first Christmas without Sam.

  106. I love the giveaways. In honour of my son Alex James Murdoch. 2 April 2009. I will post on facebook.
    (Ornaments one, three, four please)

  107. Jeannie J says:

    thank you for doing this. although I would love one for my son Danny who was stillborn May 2008 – full term – I was wondering if I could request this for my aunt – who lost her son Johnny just short of 3 years of age. He had a stem cell transplant this spring – which cured his leukemia, but then he died this past August from complications due to the transplant.

    thank you – and thank you to Stefanie for sharing this link on the MISS site so I could know about this! :-)

  108. Jeannie J says:

    oh, my aunt’s son’s name is Johnny – and I really think she would like #2 or #3

  109. All of these ornaments are beautiful!!!!!

  110. Shared on facebook

  111. Liked on facebook

  112. I already have ornament #3, but would love any of the others. Thanks for such a wonderful giveaway!

  113. One of the traditions we do at Christmas in memory of Mikayla and Chase is to do random acts of kindness all month, and we invite our family and friends to do the same and send us notes to put in their stockings which we open and read on Christmas day. This idea was inspired by Mattie and is the second year we are doing it. More details here.

  114. Put the button on my blog

  115. Posted about the giveaway on our blog

  116. I shared the giveaway on Facebook too

  117. I am a SG FB fan

  118. I follow this blog page already

  119. I think all the ornaments are so pretty.

  120. All the ornaments are beautiful, but I especially love #1 and #3 too.

  121. All

  122. Last Christmas when I was pregnant with Alexander I enjoyed watching his little hands and feet push out my belly. My mother in law would sit with me and feel him move.

  123. i shared your button on my blog.

  124. I love them all…so beautiful!

  125. I already follow your blog=)

  126. i shared this post on fb.

  127. I would love to be entered….all would be lovely for my daughter, Kennedy, except I already have #3. Thank you! <3

  128. The one thing I have done the last two years in remembrance of my daughter is purchase two gifts for little girls the same age that Kennedy would be. it means a lot to know that her memory and life is helping out those in need.

  129. I follow your blog! :)

  130. I like SGM on Facebook!

  131. I think all the ornaments are beautiful! Id appreciate if i could be entered for All of them, Thank you

  132. Ever since I lost my first baby girl Angel Marie to potter’s syndrome back in 2008, I have made and given away a baby foot ornament to another grieving family…. In hope’s it would help brighten there pain and the holiday’s…

  133. I like all the ornaments, you found some good ones!

    • Last year we adopted a one year old boy from the wish fund tree. It was nice to be able to buy things that our Ethan might have liked. We have his ornaments for the tree, and will put his stocking up.

  134. I would like to be entered for any of the beautiful ornaments!

  135. I follow the blog :)

  136. I follow on fb

  137. Aupera van huizen says:

    All. They are gorgeous

  138. Aupera van huizen says:

    My sion is my angel in Heaven. He was born a twin and passed away 4 hours after he was born on February 11, 2011

  139. Aupera van huizen says:

    I follow on facebook

  140. Aupera van huizen says:


  141. Heather Grein says:

    i would love to be entered for all in memory of my son eddy maurice smith III born 3/26/11 became an angel 6/18/11

  142. I would like to be entered to win #1 or #2

  143. Sarita Boyette says:

    I just now have been able to rejoin your blog! i have missed it! All of these ornaments are so pretty but I fell in love with 2 & 3. thank you for having these giveaways!

    • Sarita Boyette says:

      I like your FB page.

      • Sarita Boyette says:

        My favorite Christmas memories are of growing up in the ’50s & ’60s with my Mother & Daddy & my brother. We cut a cedar tree & holly bows from our land, Mother cooked so many good things and she loved putting apples, oranges, & nuts in our stockings. The times were simpler, we were not well off but didn’t know it! I still have some of my dolls – my favorite is a rubber baby doll given to me by Santa in 1955 when i was 2. Church was a big part of our lives. It was just a small country church, but had a huge impact on my life.

  144. Jennifer Sanchez says:

    I love these ornaments and would love to be entered for all, please. They remind me of our 3 precious angels and also my Grandmother who is in Heaven with them. She was my best friend and always had a way of making everything perfect so I know my babies are in good hands with her and God. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t miss all of them and my husband and I talk about how different life would be if they were here with us but we know God had other plans. Thank you for listenning and continue doing the wonderful work that you do. May God bless you all, always.

  145. I would love to be entered to win #1, 2, and 3. Thank you!!

  146. I like your fb page!

  147. I thought I already followed your blog, but I guess not. I do now!

  148. Love numbers 1 and 3 :) i have definately been adding this year to our collection for our little angles Hunter and Leigha..i follow FB and the blog

  149. Giveaway is now closed. All comments posted after this one will not be included in the giveaway. Thank you!

  150. Sorry I missed this giveaway. I especially like the Hallmark Always Remembered ornament.

  151. I would l love to be entered in all the give always! I recently loss my 16 year old son, who will forever be my baby
    Thank you

  152. I love the #4 ornament because this is a very hard time for us at Christmas without my dad. I would love to be able to give this to at least my mom.


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