I’m Gonna Miss This

It’s funny the things we notice when we’re looking. The things that get our attention and stop time for a moment. Sights, sounds, smells that whisper, “This is something to stop and soak into the depths
 of who you are…something to remember.”
For me, it’s the rhythmic clink-clack of golf clubs slung on the backs of my boys as they walk the course. They walk, and I follow, clubs clink-clacking…me, breathing it all in.
It’s the sound of summer…the sound of fall…the sound of boys – young, healthy, and strong for this moment…doing what they love.

It’s the sound of little brothers looking up to big brothers…and dads walking alongside.
It’s the sound of me, following behind…soaking it in.


  1. Im glad you are stopping and taking time to soak it in and appreciate those moments!

  2. Andi Soergel says:

    How lovely.

  3. Debby@Just Breathe says:

    This is beautiful, this is summer and the pictures are perfect. I can see why you will miss this.

  4. You made me cry. I still can't believe Timothy is going to graduate this year!

  5. Trisha Larson says:

    Gosh, I feel the same way about so many special moments. It goes way too fast!


  6. You know…it's so ironic that the title is about missing…it's after midnight, I should be WAY in bed (Luke had a rough night) and I thought, "I'm going to try and catch a blog or two. I REALLY miss Kelly."

    Your pictures sort of made me tear up too. It goes too quickly…

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