UPDATE: A Whole Lot of Heavy…Please Pray

Huge update:

Tug is not only awake from his coma, but he has been transferred to another hospital where he is having intense rehabilitation. He is working so hard and can now talk, eat, and walk…things that just days ago were not possible for him. And, just to give you a window into this boy’s precious heart…one of the things he said in these first days of talking (other than stuff about playing and soccer!):
To his mom: “Thank you for doing everything for me.”

Original post:
I was going to post something fun today…a Traveling Food Fest 2011 Post. Something light and happy..but it will have to wait.

Life is full of a whole lot of heavy.

So, I’m here instead asking for your prayers for an old friend…a fellow mother and sister in Christ. She is the first person I told when I was expecting our oldest son, Timothy. She is the one who re-introduced me to Jesus, leading me to the Lord, when my family was young and new and I was floundering. She led me to my church family. She walked with me early in marriage, so that we could learn how do this wife/mother thing together. Together is always better than alone. She is the only person I wanted (other than my mom) in the hospital room when I could barely lift my head during the difficult pregnancy with Faith and Grace. She sat with me in the weeks after their passing, answering my door, my phone, running my errands…while I curled into a ball and cried. She listened endlessly and loved my children as her own. And, I felt the same about hers. She walked with me again while we waited for our Thomas…eating seven layer chocolate cake at Cooker’s to dull the pain of those hard days of planning a funeral while we prayed for a miracle. She was one of the few people on this earth that held our Thomas, not shying away…looking on his beauty with me…enjoying his pinky toe, sharing his special gift to us. She and Dinah held a baby shower for our now 10 year old miracle, James…hoping with me…embracing joy with me…walking with me.

She laid her life down for me over and over again. It was a special friendship…one you don’t see everyday. But, our lives changed and our paths changed. We still love each other, although we have rarely talked in recent years. She is a beautiful mother…a beautiful woman…a beautiful friend, with the voice of an angel and a compassionate servant’s heart.

But, today she is sitting by the hospital bed of her son. Her oldest daughter (16) and youngest son (middle school age) were in a car accident yesterday. Her son sustained extensive injuries, and this family needs our urgent…on our knees…heartfelt prayers. Please join your prayers with ours for this family…for this mother…and for her sweet boy and beautiful daughter. Please walk with the friend who spent so much time in the valley walking with me.

UPDATE as of Saturday July 17th:
 The daughter (16) was released from the hospital on Friday. The son (age 11), nicknamed Tug, remains in a coma with several injuries. He has opened his eyes briefly, but remains unconscious. PLEASE continue to pray during these critical first days. Pray for complete healing…for comfort and strength…and for peace for his family.

Family and friends are also taking a collection locally to help this family with all of the expenses involved with the hospital stay and recovery. If you feel led to support in this way, you can use the donate button on our page (normally reserved for Sufficient Grace Ministries donations) and just list “For Tug” in the note section, so the funds are properly dispersed.

Thank you so much for your prayers, and please keep them coming. God is faithful. He is our refuge and our strength. We continue to cling to Him and trust Him to carry Tug and his family through this time…

I heard that Tug’s favorite Psalm is Psalm 91 and one good idea was to pray that Psalm with his name inserted in. It would be wonderful if we could pray God’s powerful word for this sweet boy!! James and I did so tonight. Hope many of you will take the time to do the same. However you are led, PLEASE PRAY!

Update as of Monday evening: Although still in a coma, Tug is showing some reactions to those around him…growing agitated…and even sitting up a bit and trying to open his eyes to see people. We are standing with this family in prayer and believe God is working to heal Tug. Please keep praying! Go God…and Go Tug!

Update Tuesday and Wednesday: Tug responded to a command today with a thumbs up!! That is the first time he has been able to do that, and it is a good sign!! Also, please continue to pray for Tug that he will have peace and clarity of mind as he continues the journey toward awakening fully from this coma. We are looking forward with great hope to that day, and believe it will happen soon. Thank you so much for praying…and please keep it up!!

Update Sunday July 24, 2011: Tug is now breathing on his own (for the past several days) and showing some progress each day. While he is still not completely awake from the coma, he has been from the bed to a chair with help and even was wheeled around the hospital in a wheelchair. He continues to work hard each day. Please keep praying! Tug’s family is so grateful for all the prayers and encouragement!

Update as of July 29, 2011:

Tug is awake!!!! 

He is making progress each day and working very hard! While no longer in a coma, he does have a long road of recovery ahead of him, and will be in rehab as he works to fully recover. Please keep praying! Our God is BIG and faithful!! 


  1. Debby@Just Breathe says:

    Kelly, it's been a long time since I have been so instantly/intensely moved by the words of someone asking for prayer. The moment I read "urgent…on your knees… heartfelt prayers" I burst into tear and fell to my knees in prayer for this family.

  2. Beautiful Kelly and point on. She has been by my side for years and especially lately as I faced life changes and trials. Her words always inspire and guide me…and today I feel lost trying to find a way to help her like she has me. I am praying for her and her family ….. ♥

  3. Karen Vollmer says:

    Thoughts and prayers.

  4. Kim @ Peace of my Heart says:

    Lifting this sweet friend and her family in prayer now…

  5. Heather @ A Little Hope in My Pocket says:


  6. Andi Soergel says:

    Praying for your friend and family!

  7. lost--for--words says:

    Keeping them close in thought, and sending much love,

  8. I'm praying.

  9. Michelle Karr says:

    Praying! <3

  10. Praying Kelly!

  11. I will pray. I lost my son, Joshua, in a car accident in 2003. I don’t want your mentor to walk the same road I have.

    Grace and peace be given to the whole family.

    —take care

  12. mes pensées vous accompagnent

  13. Caroline says:

    Praying <3

  14. Sarita Boyette says:

    Oh, Kelly, I will pray for this family. My heart goes out to them and I earnestly pray for the healing of their son.

  15. Crystal Theresa says:

    oh honey, sending prayers.

  16. Amy von Oven says:

    Praying RIGHT NOW!

  17. I am praying right now for your special friend and for her precious son. I am assuming her daughter is ok?

    I know that God is right there with her. He will never leave us not forsake us. Such precious promises!

    Love you,
    Momma Linda

  18. Praying for this family!!!

  19. Franchesca says:

    praying, I'm so sorry for your friend's family. xxxx

  20. Lynnette Kraft says:

    Kelly, I shared on Facebook and Twitter and am praying right now. So very sorry to hear this news. :'(
    Much love to you friend,

  21. I was feeling so overwhelmed and in pain (medical), I couldn't sleep… so came online and saw Lynnette's plea to visit your page… I've gone to my knees in prayer for this family. God bless them. ♥

  22. Dan and Nancy says:

    Praying <3


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