Just Being a Mom…

Sometimes I feel like I am wearing too many hats. There is the wife hat, the mom hat, the employee hat, the ministry hat, the friend hat. And, more, of course. Nicole Johnson performed a funny skit that showed all the hats a woman wears at Women of Faith…and she literally stacked each one on her head. It was quite a visual!

Sometimes I find myself longing for less hats. Lately, as Timothy approaches the end of his junior year of high school, and James finishes elementary school, I feel a longing to return to a time when I was only their momma (and Tim’s wife, of course!) The slipping away of the minutes, hours, and years that brings us to today leaves me yearning to focus my heart toward home…toward these boys who are quickly becoming young men. Oh…how fleeting this time is.

When I am quiet…at the feet of Jesus, in the still of the night or the wee hours of the early morning….there are no hats. I am simply His…lost in Him. Peace washes over me and burdens are lifted. It is the place I long to be, even as the Martha in me drives me on to the next thing.

I had a prayer time like that last Saturday morning, and it was a sweet release of all that I carry. The day was no less busy, but the burden was lighter and each task less cumbersome. He was with me, bearing the weight. And, I felt joy instead of heaviness. I prepared the SGM shipments for the week, washed James’ golf clothes and packed snacks and drinks for the day. The baseball game was canceled, so I went to the church to get Comfort Bears for the rest of the shipments going off to comfort grieving mothers.

I was thinking of all that needed to be done…of the size of the tasks…the endless needs that I never seem to fill. I was thinking how much I want to focus on being the mother my kids need. Life was simpler when that was my only focus. There was peace in my heart as I walked through the to-do list, but the thoughts were floating through my mind. What am I called to do, Lord, with all this busy? I walked through the church to the kitchen, picked up the bag of bears, turned off the lights, locked the doors.

When I opened the back of the Jeep, I stopped, struck by the sight. There were golf clubs and bat bags filled with tools boys need to be boys…ready for the activities of the day. And, on top, I gently placed the bag of Comfort Bears.

There they were, all together, in the back of my Jeep.

Bat bags…

Golf clubs…

And Comfort Bears…

Evidence that I am a mother. A mother to Timothy (almost senior in high school), James (almost middle schooler), and Faith, Grace, and Thomas (dancing in heaven). As I looked at the evidence filling the vehicle, my heart swelled.

And God whispered to my heart…

“You are just being their mother. You are just being a mom….to all your children.”


  1. Wow! My eyes are filling up with tears, Kelly. And a beautiful mother to all of your children you are! I hope you were encouraged by that image. Lots of love, Sarah

  2. Crystal Theresa says:

    Beautiful, sweet friend, just beautiful. You are doing a wonderful job being a mother to each of your babies, and I'm so glad you saw what He was showing you.

  3. Keri Kitchen says:

    Beautiful post. It's so important to acknowledge the Martha in us and still take time to rest at the feet of Jesus. As busy as I'm sure you are, I know you recognize the value of balance!! I pray God continually blesses you for being so willing to allow Him to use you!

  4. I know I have wished for less hats before that's for sure! I'd love to get to a place where things seem less busy. I'll be the first to admit though that I could def use some more of that quiet time with Jesus.

  5. Jennifer Ross says:

    Oh, Kelly that was a sweet post! You're getting me all teary eyed…. as if I weren't like this enough of the time. lol
    You are a wonderful woman… to so many.

    Love to you…

  6. Caroline says:

    You are such a beautiful Mom to all your children. What a beautiful post. You are such a blessing to so many.

  7. Kristin says:

    That was absolutely beautiful, Kelly. It truly is the hardest, but best, job in the world, isn't it?!! Love you!

  8. That was a beautiful post Kelly. I love object lessons…when God just "shows" us the answers to our questions!

    I pictured you standing there looking at the bat bag, the golf clubs and the comfort bears and my eyes started to well up with tears. What an amazing God we serve. One who stood there with you next to the Jeep pointing you to those truths!

    What a picture of love!

    Love, Momma Linda

  9. Such a beautiful visual, Kelly! We all wonder how we can still parent our babies, and you parent yours so very well!

  10. Thanks for this post, Kelly!

  11. That was beautiful. You're the best sister God could have ever given me! Love you!

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