Running in Heaven’s Meadows, Our Anniversary, and Some Reminders

When I think of my baby girls in heaven, I have always imagined them at about the 5-8 age range, with long brown hair falling in waves down their backs and ribbons weaving through their curls. In my mind, they are running through meadows, hands clasped, giggling and swinging on swings hanging from trees, full of life and joy. Complete.
It has been that way, since the day we said good-bye to Faith and Grace. That is the image in my mind. I picture Thomas sometimes as a baby and sometimes as a young boy, but more often as a baby. But, for Faith and Grace, it has always been the meadow.
Running free, hair flowing.
Maybe because they are my girls, daughters of my heart, born of my womb. And, I long for freedom…long to taste it’s sweetness and dance in the breeze. Maybe, because I love to inhale the scent of summer with the sun shining on my face. I long to be in that place of perfect freedom, the light of Jesus shining on my face, basking in the glory of heaven’s meadows. And, my sweet daughters are there, along with two of the most influential women in my life, my mother and Dinah.
I don’t know if you know Maryline. But, she is amazing. The above picture is one she drew of my girls with hands clasped, hair blowing free, standing in the meadow. So beautiful. I am so grateful for this precious gift.


Today is our 17th wedding anniversary. Walking through life with this man has been one of the greatest gifts I’ve experienced. Even greater has been to watch him come to know the Lord, and grow into not only a wonderful husband and father, but a man of God…humble and strong. The unfolding of his faith will always be one of my favorite miracles. If anyone wonders if God still performs miracles, I have a house full of them. They all play guitar and golf and make messes, and make me laugh, and they proclaim the name of Jesus…each in their own unique manly, boyish, simple way. A way that often astounds and humbles me….a way very different than the way I proclaim His name…but a way full of truth and beauty…a way that would make the common man stop and listen…and believe…an easy way that just fits into life. While we are far from perfect, and our marriage has been riddled with many storms, Tim is a man, easy to honor…training young men to be the same. And, he is a man who values friendship and family, strong and rugged…but soft-hearted and sentimental at the same time. Life with him is a precious gift, and I thank God everyday for this marriage that He has rescued and restored with more beauty than I could have ever imagined. Beauty born from much ugly. My favorite kind…for that is the stuff of miracles.

We celebrated last night at one of our favorite restaurants (because they give you heavenly bread…and an unlimited supply of it!), Texas Roadhouse.

And… on a completely unrelated note…

Today, James and I are going to see the new Diary of a Wimpy Kid and we are super-psyched! I have learned to love books that get my boys reading. Meet them where they are…that’s what this veteran mom says! (I think Dinah would like that saying, don’t you?)

Made to Crave

O.K….just wanted to give everyone a quick reminder that we are starting the Made to Crave Study this Monday. Get your books and read the Intro and Chapter One…and please be ready to discuss and encourage one another in the comments and Blog Frog. I think it will be really important to share and be accountable to each other as we seek to lay down some of the stuff we’ve been holding on to and learn to go to God for comfort instead. So far, I am loving what this book is saying…and really looking forward to reading with you! It’s not too late to join in. If you are someone who goes to food…or anything…instead of going to God to satisfy your cravings, this study could be a real encouragement to you.


Sufficient Grace Online Auction

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but our way-awesome friend and SGM board member, Holly Haas, is having an online auction to benefit Sufficient Grace. Items are being added to the list daily as people have been stepping up to donate for the auction. If you would like to join in with a donation, it’s not too late. Also, help us spread the word. We would love to see many people attend to place bids and join in the fun! You can get a cute item…and support a wonderful cause! You can find more information about the auction taking place on April 6-8  here…and view items on the Caring for Carleigh facebook page, where bids can be placed on those days. Holly has a goal to raise more than $1,000 for Sufficient Grace. Will you help us? Please pray for her efforts and join in if you’re able!


  1. I Love the picture of the girl's hands. It is just beutiful! Isn't it funny how we picture our babies in Heaven. I often picture Faith at aboout 3-4 with blonde curly hair. My Dad is there with her and that is something that brings me some comfort. He loved his grandkids and I know he would have enjoyed her here on earth, but I know that he gets to enjoy her in Heaven!

    I got my book and plan on reading before Monday! I am really looking forward to this Study!

    BTW Happy Anniversay! Praise God for Godly men! We celebrate 27 years in May.

  2. That is such a beautiful picture! A great book I just read is "Heaven is for Real" and it talked about how the little boy went to Heaven and a little girl came running up to him, hugging him, and it was a baby his mom miscarried that he didn't even know about. It was so touching and she talked about how she couldn't wait for her parents to get to Heaven, that God had adopted her for now. I think you would love that book too. It was so reassuring to know that this little boy, with no preconceived notions of Heaven, came back and told his parents what it was like, and it was just like what we believe it will be. It's going to be so amazing!!

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. Caroline says:

    Love the picture. So beautiful.

    Happy Anniversary & many more to come.

    I would love o read along have to see if I can get the book.

    I donated to Auction , hope it turns out well. Holly is such a wonderful person & so our you.
    Have a great wk.

  4. I love the drawings that Maryline has done for the girls. Beautiful! She really does such wonderful work and is so generous. :)

    Happy Anniversary!!!

    I'm gonna have Anth try and get the book tonight for me.

    And I'm excited for the auction. Hoping and praying for a good turnout!

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