SGM Christmas Extravaganza Giveaway Number 2 – Reunion Heart Pendant!!

Pictures from (my favorite place to order books, cds, and other items! I am so excited about the SGM Christmas Extravaganza, that I just can’t wait to announce the next item on our list of giveaway goodies!!  Actually, I am announcing two more items, in addition to the choices of several beautiful memorial ornaments we are giving away on the Walking With You page. I absolutely LOVE the necklace above…so much, that I wish I could enter my own giveaway!! What I love about this necklace is that it comes with a message of hope…not the idea of wallowing in our grief, but of looking ahead to the hope we have of a forever reunion one day, because of Jesus. It comes with a poem that ends with the words:                                                                                                                                                   God lets this tender hole remain

Reminding me we’ll meet again,

And one day all the pain will cease

When he restores this missing piece.

He’ll turn to joy my every tear

And when I wear this necklace near

It will become my special way

To treasure our reunion day

And the beautiful reference to this comforting promise in scripture, He will turn every tear to joy on the keyring also pictured above. Anyone is welcome to participate in this giveaway.  And…it’s easy. I will choose one winner for the necklace and one for the keychain from those who comment on this post. You can get extra entries by writing a Remembering at Christmas Post on your blog and linking to the WWY page (because I’d really like to see more people joining in on that special post …plus you could also enter for a special remembrance ornament on that page…two for the price of one!). You can also receive additional entries for Facebooking  or Twittering about the SGM Christmas Extravaganza. Please just leave a comment here for each thing that you do. Help us spread the word…and some Christmas joy…to those who are missing someone this Christmas!!!

Comments Closed…a winner has been chosen! =)


  1. Absolutely beautiful ♥ I'm a little emotional tonight and reading that poem made me cry. Remembering my sweet angels Bryston and Colton ♥

  2. Just beautiful!! Makes me remember Holden even more. <3

  3. Really beautiful. My scripture I hold onto is Revelation 21:4
    "He will wipe away every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away"
    When the pain is so deep & I'm missing My Isaac & Hannah so much, I remember there will come a day that He will wipe my tear streaked face & I will hold my babies as He holds me.

  4. Well we all will have a lot of joy one day!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. I shared on Facebook!!

  6. Allison (Ali) says:

    i absolutely love this necklace and would love to win it!!!

  7. This one brought me to tears. I often say I have two baby-sized holes in my heart. I'm keeping the writing challenge unread in my reader so I remember to do it!

  8. This is beautiful! I would love to have it!

  9. I also shared on FB!

  10. croleyc69 says:

    So very beautiful !! I love it.


  11. croleyc69 says:

    I shared on Facebook


  12. That is a beautiful necklace/keychain and that little verse at the end is just beautiful! It made me cry!

  13. House of Collinsworth says:

    How beautiful! Remembering my sweet Noah as the 2nd Christmas without him is approaching.

  14. heathermohr says:

    I absolutely love it! And I do plan to participate in the blog post, I just haven't had a chance!

  15. That is absolutely beautiful! (Don't enter me – I just won.) Do you have your house all decorated for the holidays yet? I want to see pictures again this year.

  16. That is beautiful. My heart needed that today :)

  17. The Blue Sparrow says:

    So beautiful! (((HUGS)))

  18. The Blue Sparrow says:

    I twittered about your giveaway! ;p

  19. Well. Those were sweet tears I just had. What beautiful, beautiful words…and seriously…what an amazing promise to be remembered.

    One glad morning….

  20. The reunion heart is really neat. I have one that was sent to me by a friend and I put some string on it and hung it on the tree last year.

  21. Just beautiful! Remembering our angel.

  22. I love the idea of joining the tears with the joy! What a picture of what Christ does for us!

  23. Jennifer Ross says:

    What a beautiful necklace and touching poem to go with it. I can see why you love it so much!

  24. Sarita Boyette says:

    I've never seen these before – they are beautiful!

  25. So beautiful!

  26. The Writer Chic says:

    Kelly, I just want you to know I'm here, and I'm reading, even if my participation is lacking. POtty training, teething, surgeries, sicknesses…the list is endless, and my blogging is suffering. But I wanted you to know I'm still here.

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