Meet Beautiful Chelle and Her Daughter April….and Show Some Love to Sweet Jennifer and Her Eli

O.K….this Walking With You is a little late, but I am featuring two sweet mama bloggers this week. Hope that makes up for it! I hope you will take a few minutes to show some love to these moms this week.

Please meet Chelle and read her beautiful, heart-wrenching, and inspiring letter to her daughter April. Since you can’t comment on the letter, It would be so kind of you to click on her most recent post and let her know that you stopped by her blog, and you read about her little April. Show her some love and keep her in your prayers this week!


You may already know Jennifer and the story of her little Eli. Will you do me a favor and read the beginning of his story and then click on Jennifer’s most recent post, and let her know that you are praying for her this week, anyway…even if you already read her blog. Let her know that this week, you will take some time to remember her Eli and pray for her. It really means so much to another mother walking this path…to know that she doesn’t walk alone…that she is being lifted in prayer.

Thank you so much….love to all. Stay tuned…next month, we will be planning some activities to commemorate National Pregnancy Loss and Remembrance month.


  1. Going to visit!

  2. Henninger Family says:

    What great stories from both ladies…

  3. Thank you Kelly for featuring my blog. Thank you others for visiting. I do enjoy learning of other blogs from them being featured here. God bless!

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