Traveling Food Fest 2010 and My First Sonic Experience

If you are a healthy eater, you may want to look away. The following festival of junk food is not for the sensitive viewer. And, for those of you who are worried about my weakness for junk food, please know that several hearty bike rides have been going on before and after this day to prepare for our first trip to Sonic!

We had been anticipating our grand Sonic adventure for several days. Monday afternoon, James, Tracy’s son Aidan, Tracy, and I loaded up her vehicle with high hopes for some yummy-eating.
I have to admit, we had an absolute blast reading all of your comments encouraging us what to try on our maiden voyage to Sonic. I joked with Tracy how funny it is that I can pour out my heart on some deep spiritual matter, and maybe there will be seven comments. But, ask about your favorite Sonic food, and twenty-eight of you respond! Too funny…and it just made me smile. I’m a lover of food, myself, so you’ll be getting no judgment from me!

We saw the rollerskating waitresses…

We ordered a plethora of goodies from the suggestions you offered

I ordered a delicious and delightfully messy toasted bacon cheeseburger…mmmmmm.

Tracy and I (along with our husbands who enjoyed the leftovers) voted the onion rings as our favorite. We liked the sweet batter. I dipped mine into the marvelously creamy ranch dressing.

I tasted a bite of the extreme tater tots…but decided I’m not a huge fan of chili cheese. And, I wished I would’ve known there were onions on the sandwich and the tots. I would’ve definitely said no onions! Tim finished them off, though!

James and Aidan both enjoyed their popcorn chicken. I don’t think James has ever met a popcorn chicken he didn’t like!

I believe Tracy gave her chili/coney dog a sideways thumb…or maybe a thumbs down. We both liked the toasted burger, though. Just no onions next time!

James really liked the cherry limeade, (which I believe was the most recommended item by our readers). The strawberry I ordered was O.K., too. Tracy and I decided we weren’t the biggest fans of the limeade. But, I sure relished the icy goodness of my Coke!

UPDATED: I forgot to mention that Tracy gave the orange creamscicle drink two thumbs up…and James and I deemed the same honor to the pineapple shake (James’ choice that I thought was a really random choice, but turned out to be delish!)

Our trip to Sonic was fun and filling! The staff was friendly, and the service was fast and accurate…even with our gigantic order! In fact, we enjoyed it so much, along with your participation, that we thought it might be fun to try some other restaurants that we haven’t tried before.

Because Tracy and I feel it’s necessary to name all of our projects, we thought we could call this one Traveling Food Fest 2010. So…we are up for suggestions. (Please note, we will be bringing our favorite food connoisseurs (James and Aidan) along for the ride.) If you know of a yummy and fun or unique eating establishment, please leave a comment here. We will try to visit some of the places you suggest this summer for some random fun, and then we’ll do a little review on our blog. We will travel anywhere up to 2 hours from Northwest Ohio. Thanks again for your suggestions! Have a blessed day!


  1. Trisha Larson says:

    Sounds fun!!! They put a Sonic in by me a few years back but I have never been. Now I am thinking that I should give it a try.


  2. Interesting! And I'm loving your challenge of a food fest!!

    One place we frequent during the summer is the Twist & Shout in Carey. It's just a little drive thru but they built a place you can sit down and eat for this summer. It's actually pretty nice!

    lol my word thingy is 'barmaids'

  3. How much fun did this look like?!?!? I saw the onion rings and my mouth watered. I guess I definitely like Sonic more than I thought I did!

  4. Kristin says:

    Haha!!! I love the list! :D That picture cracked me up!

    I do love their onion rings the most too. I usually just get a cheeseburger, onion rings, and diet coke! A lot of those other things you got, I've never tried either. Does it count as a traveling food fest if you just have to drive down the road to Sonic? LOL!

  5. I agree with Holly, Gotta try some Twist and Shout! They have the best soft serve orange sherbet EVER!!! I got quite often when I visit my family too! Yummy, I think I may be stopping there this weekend!

  6. Oh…those pictures looked so much fun! You were brave to try extreme tots. I won't do chili at any fastfoods…too much of a mystery to me=)!
    Can't wait to 'go along' on your adventures. You'll have to do a vlog at one of them=)!

  7. I love your pics. They look like clips from a sonic commercial. A traveling food trip sounds like a lot of fun. I'm glad you guys had a great time. Now I'm hungry. :-)

  8. Kristin says:

    I love a good food fest! LOL Gotta love Sonic. There's one about 25 minutes from us, and in So CAl there's always traffic, so not always worth the drive, but I just LOVE their peach iced tea!!

  9. I think that's a pretty accurate review. The best thing Sonic has going for it is their drinks!! I've actually never been a HUGE fan of the food, but… glad you all enjoyed your experience!

  10. Henninger Family says:

    I adore Sonic!

  11. Grace Wheeler says:

    Here in this rural town, we only have 3 fast food restaurants to eat from and Sonic is one of them! There is another one here I wouldn't even let my dog eat at and the other choice is Subway! So, when we're in the mood for "all-American fast food" we choose Sonic! :)

    Next time you've gotta try a "Java Chiller"! Those are YUM!!!

    Thanks for linking your fun post up to Jenilee's blog!

    (and you got me thinking that maybe blogging about food will get me more commenters! lol!)

  12. Kelly I used to love to go to Sonic…but I can't eat much there now that I have so many food allergies.

    I enjoyed this post…and it sounded like you enjoyed your experience.

    I loved the pictures. And I had to laugh that you loved the onion rings but didn't want the onions on the tater tots!

  13. Cecilia says:

    It sounds like Sonic was a success! I'm not much for the limeaides either but my hubby gets one every time we go to visit family. I'm curious to see what other places you visit!

  14. Meredith says:

    I have never met a popcorn chicken I didn't like either!!:) Looks like a fun time-thank you for sharing your adventures with us!

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