Calling All Sonic Lovers

O.K…I’ve been reading how all my southern bloggy-friends (well, I think of ya’ll as friends, whether you actually know I exist, or not!) are lovers of the Sonic. I’ve never been to a Sonic before. But, when you talk about the icy goodness of the Coke, I admit to drooling a little. I’ve decided that in the spirit of true summer randomness, I must find out about this Sonic ya’ll speak of with such tender fondness.

So, my friend Tracy (my partner in all things random and fun) and I set out to find out where the closest Sonic could be found. How I adore the internet! The answer was just at our fingertips. I’ll admit that I was looking forward, with no small about of giddyness to some grand adventure to someplace I’ve never been before…or at least somewhere outside of Northwest Ohio. Maybe we would even cross the border into Kentucky, with James and Aidan happily playing their DS’s on the way. But, no…how could it be? I was somewhat deflated to find that there is a Sonic just 30 miles from us. And, it’s been there all along.


So, it will not be too grand of an adventure, but I’m looking forward to it nonetheless.

Here is what I need from you, my dear Sonic-loving friends…(or even those who don’t know me, but love Sonic):

What…on this maiden voyage…should I try at the Sonic? What can I not go on living without experiencing? We may be going there as soon as tonight if the baseball games are cancelled, so please let me know this very important information ASAP! If not, we’ll be going in the next few days. I promise to give a full report. (Knowing that you will be on the edge of your seats until you hear all about it…haha!)

Update: Looks like we will not be going until Monday due to baseball games and golf tournaments and weekend plans…so keep the Sonic suggestions coming!


  1. I will definitely be on the edge of my seat, I LOVE Sonic and would LOVE to hear about your first experience! I would recommend trying one of the limeades, the strawberry and cherry limeades are a hit with our family. The fountain drinks are awesome too. I usually order their popcorn chicken, or the chicken dinner with fries, one onion ring, and gravy to dip yum!!! They have good burgers too. Or Frito pie yum!!! Makes me drool just thinking about Sonic. My husband enjoys their chili dogs. Can not wait to hear all about it. Be safe on your journey and hope to hear from you soon :) So excited for you!!!

    love and prayers

  2. Oh my…there are so many Sonic goodies to try! I love me a Vanilla Coke (or Dr. Pepper if you are feeling it) or a Lemon-Berry Slush or a Cherry Limeade. Just talking about it makes me giddy! They also make a GREAT grilled cheese! My suggestion is to cram as many people in your car as you can and FORCE everyone to order something different and then pass the goodies around so you get to sample everything! I don't know about up there, but down in Texas they have "Happy Hour" and every day from 2-4 all their drinks are 1/2 price…it's like a gift from God!! Please update us on how the Sonic trip goes!

  3. I like their popcorn chicken salad. I LOVE the fact that they put a few onion rings on top of it. Just the right combo!! My oldest is a HUGE fan of their chili cheese footlong with chili cheese tater tots. I have to admit…the chili cheese tots ARE pretty good! Heck! I like going there just to get some ice. They have that amazing crunchy ice that you seem to only be able to find in hospitals and such….$1 a bag! I love me some crunchy ice!!

  4. I'm in the same boat as you Kelly. I've never been to a Sonic but keep hear people just raving about it. What's so good about it anyway??

  5. Jennifer says:

    Not a huge fan of Sonic food (much to the chagrin of my kids and husband who love it). I do however love, love, love the cherry limeade. Do not leave without one at least for the roadtrip back.

  6. PLEASE go to the Sonic…for me…even though I'm brand new to your blog and have never left you a comment before! We finally got a Sonic just last year and this past Saturday, with ZERO warning, it closed. I miss my strawberry creamslushes and Route 44 sweet tea and java chillers…not to mention their burgers are GOOD. (Strawberry creamslush is my favorite drink…the presence of fruit makes me feel healthy. I ignore the presence of the ice cream and sugar. The fruit trumps all.)

  7. TIFFANY says:

    I was going to mention Happy Hour too! That's the best time to go!

    Okay, I don't drink these anymore, but I used to LOVE a cherry/vanilla Dr. Pepper. My kids loved their slushes-cherry with real cherries (you have to ask for them) is their favorite. I get a blue coconut creamslush.

    Sonic also has the best ranch dressing ever, so you'll want to try some of that.

    Have fun! Our town has 3 sonic's, so you can find us there a lot.

  8. cherry slushes are DELICIOUS!! (here from kelly's korner!) love them.

  9. lemonadegal says:

    I'm visiting from Kelly's Korner. I LOVE sonic! I am pretty much addicted to it! I even blogged about it:

    So, I would recommend the Cherry Limeaids. The burgers are really good. My kids love the breakfast burritos. I like the BLT, too. Really, it is all good — except I'm not a huge fan of their onion rings. The batter is too sweet.

    Whatever you get, ENJOY!! It is worth the road trip!

  10. PEACH SWEET TEA!!! The best!

  11. Well, I'm not the biggest fan of their food either, but I do like the chili cheese tator tots for a snack idea. Also, they have the best drinks b/c they come in these big styrofoam cups that last ALL DAY!! Go during Happy Hour (2-4) and you can get a huge drink for like a dollar!! Enjoy!

  12. Cecilia says:

    My husband LOVES their cherry limeades, and I like their pie shakes (I think it's the chocolate cream pie one that I like). I've seen others say it, but the ice is part of what makes their drinks so fantastic, it's that kind you can crunch on. The burgers are good, so are the chili dogs. It can be a bit greasy, but it's still tasty.

    On a side note, we have Sonic commercials up here, but there isn't one for over 50 miles. My husband says it's torture :) .

  13. the Spocks says:

    Sonic is the best. Rollerskating waitresses are cool. Try a Strawberry Limeade.

  14. Big Mama says:

    I'm a big fan of the Cherry Limeade. Or the Cherry Vanilla Diet Coke. It depends on my mood. Have fun!

  15. I've also never eaten at a Sonic, though the closest one to us is approximately an hour away. Let me know if you like it – I've always contemplated checking it out! :)

  16. Jennifer says:

    Came from Kelly's Korner…. I like cranberry limeades, even though I don't normally love cranberry. Also not usually a lover of onion rings, but Yum!!!They have a Snack trio with a few mozzerella sticks, a few onion rings, and a few tator tots. (At least they have that here in KS.

  17. Snarky Belle says:

    Cherry Limeade
    Vanilla Dr.Pepper
    (Sonic has the best ice. EVER. And in cups that don't sweat…which is very important here in the South!)

    mozzarella sticks
    chili cheese tater tots
    corn dog
    jalapeno poppers

    Enjoy!! :)

  18. Lilly's Mom (Desiree) says:

    OMG i LOVE sonic! :) you really should try their coney dog, and a diet cherry coke!! their drinks are the BEST. i LOVE their ice.

  19. Cherry Limeade is a must! But you will notice what makes ALL Sonic drinks the best is the ice they use!

    I love the toaster sandwiches (especially breakfast served all day!) and the jalepeno poppers. My kids love that they can get a corn dog and a banana!

    By the way, their smoothies are WONDERFUL too! =0) Enjoy it!!

  20. if you have NEVER been the cherry limade is a must (although the strawberry limeade is just as good depending on what you are feeling like!) I also recommend the coney– yum, yum!! And, just fyi everyday is happy hour from 2-4 so half price drinks!!

  21. Kristin says:

    LOL!!! You are SO funny, Kelly! You know what, out here where our main road is, we have really no fast food places, but we just got a Sonic and it stays busy! Don't hate me, but I am not a huge Sonic fan. Not that there's anything wrong with it, I just don't think much about it. I guess maybe because I've never really tried any of their flavored cokes and stuff. But yes, like everyone said…..cherry limeade's are really yummy! And the happy hour thing is awesome too!

  22. We have five in our town…and yes, we pretty much hit it everyday for Happy Hour=). I used to drink their cherry Dr. Pepper, but now I get their Route 44 Diet Coke. We love the toaster sandwiches (breakfast ones that is served all day) and their jr cheeseburger deluxe is good. But….I think we are burned out with their food and pick Chick-Fil-A on rushed-gotta-go-to-a-church-or-sport-function days. We just tried CFA spicy chicken sandwich. Can I say burned our mouths and esophaguses? =). Hope you have a great trip at Sonic. Take lots of pictures to post=)!

  23. I ADORE Vanilla DPs from Sonic. Happy Hour is the time to go – half price drinks from 2-4. When we were younger – we would ask for a suicide slush and they will put EVERY flavor in one slush! Extreme tator tots are delicious – chili, cheese, jalapenos, sour cream! Whatever you try – will be wonderful. :)

  24. Route 44 Vanilla Diet Coke – or basically anything with the Sonic ice. That stuff just does not melt! It goes well with the Sonic Mozzarella sticks. The best deal in town is the $1.00 Sundaes with toppings. Lastly, their mustard hamburgers with tater tots – yum!

  25. This just makes me giggle!!! I'm not a huge Sonic food fan either, but I have to say that John likes them a good bit and when we DO go, I dig the cherry slushee and the grilled cheese!!! The onion rings aren't that bad either and I think John loves a milk/shake or malt.

    Hmmmm…maybe we like it more than I think I do! :)

  26. croleyc69 says:

    Sonic is good and you should come visit me. I know it's a little out of the way , LOL. There is one 5 minutes from my husband's job. Sometimes when I go visit him at lunch we stop there. My kids love the rollerskating part but they do have good popcorn chicken and Onion rings.

    Have fun

  27. Morgan Paige says:

    Strawberry Limeade…no doubt.
    Ocean water is also a fave.

  28. New Mom 2010 says:

    I'm drinking a cherry limeade right now! My usual is a cherry vanilla root beer…..

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