Coming to You Live From Columbus…

We are in Columbus, and it’s been a gorgeous whirlwind of a day. We did not actually make it to the Women of Faith conference today, but plan on attending tomorrow. Holly and her cousin Amber went in our place today. While they were at the conference, Becki and I visited four hospitals in the Columbus area to share about Sufficient Grace. Then we all met up for supper at…the Cheesecake Factory. There are no words to describe the wonder of that cheesecake. I felt as if I were being lifted to another place as it melted in my mouth. Honestly…I was rendered speechless. I can’t upload pics from the hotel because I forgot the cord I need in order to upload to this computer.

So, unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until I get home for pictures. But, we took plenty…even of our cheesecake.

Stephanie is here, too…and we are hoping to meet up with her sometime tomorrow. Also…a mystery guest will hopefully join us.

Tomorrow morning, Becki and I will be attending the Women of Faith conference for the day. Rest assured, I will be taking extensive notes and blogging about the events later on…especially when Stephen Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman take the stage.

Another Sawyer Update before I sign off:

Sawyer is doing well. They hope to take him off the vent tomorrow and move him to an intermediate unit. There are still some concerns with his kidneys and a few other issues. So, please keep praying. For now, we rejoice over this good news…thank you for praying for this sweet boy.


  1. Had a blast! And that cheesecake was so good! I wish now I would've bought a little one to take home! lol

  2. Thanks for letting us go on Fri! It was wonderful and I certainly want to go again next year! Hey maybe if you're gonna go too we can order our tickets around the same time and request seats next to each other.

  3. So happy to hear little Sawyer is holding strong! Still lifting him!!!

  4. Just Breathe says:

    Your dedication brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful person you are. I will continue to keep Sawyer in my prayers.

    I often eat at the cheesecake factory and I have decided that I am going to get the dessert first because I never have room later.
    Cheesecake is my favorite thing!

  5. Henninger Family says:

    I adore the Cheesecake Factory – glad y'all are having a great time at the conference!

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