A Last Minute Women of Faith Giveaway….ENTER FAST

This is very last minute and a little crazy, but I find myself, through a series of events, to have an extra Women of Faith ticket for this weekend’s Over the Top conference in Columbus, Ohio (April 30th-May1st).

I thought about offering it to those who entered the last Women of Faith giveaway, but I’m not sure if they are still available to go at the last minute. I still may notify each. But, I’ve decided to open it up to a giveaway post. I will need to know ASAP if you can go. If not, I’ll start talking to some in real life friends, because I’d hate to see this ticket go to waste.

It sure would be fun to meet some of you in person, though! And, we are having dinner on Friday at The Cheesecake Factory! So…come to meet me, come to meet Holly…or come for the cheesecake….but please, just come!

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  1. Jennifer says:

    Kelly, I so wished that I could go, but time and life will not allow. I know what a blessing it would be. I pray that just the right person gets that ticket. You ladies have a wonderful time. I will pray that you do!

  2. I hope you and Holly have fun…and I hope you will be greatly inspired and refreshed at Women of Faith.

    Ohio is just too far away for me, but I know someone will be blessed by your free ticket.

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