Women of Faith Giveaway…UPDATE

UPDATE: So far, there is just one entry! I can’t believe only ONE Ohioan (or those nearby) would like a free ticket to Women of Faith! Come on girls! Contest will be closing on Monday, February 8, 2010…if anyone else wants to join in…

I am so excited and I just can’t hide it! Just trying to catch my breath….

O.K…I just hung up the phone from ordering my Women of Faith tickets for the weekend of April 30-May 1, 2010 – in Columbus, Ohio. (That in itself is very exciting!) I have been to Women of Faith a couple times and had a blast! It was a wonderful time of worship, encouragement, laughter, tears, renewal and just multiple blessings. One of my favorite things is seeing women minister to one another with the love of Jesus…and that’s what Women of Faith is all about. And, those ladies are so real, you know?

O.K…so I was ordering two tickets…one for me and one for Becki (my partner in crime…ahem, I mean ministry…and the other third of Sufficient Grace). I had a tugging on my heart to order one more ticket, to bless someone by giving it away here. I tried to shrug it off and just be reasonable and order what I originally planned. When I clicked on the seating chart to find my seats, there were even three seats right next to each other on the end…just where I would like them. They are kind of high up, but I knew from experience we would still be able to see fine. Still, I hung up having only purchased two tickets. The lovely lady on the phone gave me a $20 discount, even. After I hung up, I called Becki to share my desire to give a ticket away to someone who really would like to come with us! (We were already able to invite two others who wanted to come by giving them our Friday tickets…so this would be a third person that could join in on the fun! I love how our God multiplies the blessings!) She agreed, and I called the lovely lady named Terry from the Women of Faith registration hotline (yes, the same lady answered!). I was all giddy when she said the third seat was still available, and may have even told her I loved her!!! =)


I purchased a third ticket…




Courtesy of Sufficient Grace Ministries for Women (and Families)

How much fun is that?!!!!!!!!!!

One blessed winner will receive a Women of Faith (Columbus) ticket for:

Friday, April 30, 2010 (10a.m.-3:30p.m.)
Saturday, May 1, 2010 (9:00a.m.-4:00p.m.)

A box lunch is also included for both days. You may choose to attend both days. We can give you hotel information if you choose to do that.(You will be responsible for accommodations and additional meals.) If you cannot come both days, please let us know and we will split the tickets allowing one person to attend on Friday and one on Saturday. It will be the winner’s choice. Becki and I will be available to have supper with anyone wishing to meet with us both Friday and Saturday evenings. So…even if you do not win and you are going to be there…we would really like to meet with you!

To enter, just leave a comment here sharing a “woman of faith” in your life who has been a blessing and encouragement to you. And please remember…you have to be able to get yourself to Columbus, Ohio to enter!!!!

(Because I can’t stand to be left out…my “woman of faith” is my friend, Dinah, who taught me how to be a wife and honor my husband when I was newly married. Love you, girl…)

This is going to be sooooooo much fun!!!!!!


  1. A woman of faith in my life is my husband's aunt Christa. She is one of my best friends and greatest encouragers. She is iron that sharpens my walk with christ every time we are together. I love her!

    and, I'd love to win that ticket!!!

  2. Kelly, I love you!! Of course you know I'm not entering but I wanted to say thank you for your's and Becki's generosity! My cousin Amber is coming with me and this conference is something that could do a lot of good in her life and I pray that it does. FOR SURE we are eating dinner with you!! I am a little confused on the time for Fri b/c I keep seeing something for in the morning and then something at night.

  3. Jennifer Ross says:

    It sounds like so much fun! I'll have to enjoy it by looking at all of your pictures when you share them on your blog. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  4. Pineapple Princess says:

    I SO wish the event wasn't so far away! I would LOVE to go with all my heart!
    I totally sensed the Holy Spirit in your post. He prompted your heart in purchasing that ticket and you followed.
    You are such an encouragement! :)

  5. You know what? I wasn't going to enter because of the distance, but I think something in me really really wants to enter – so I'm going to!

    THE Woman of Faith in my life is my mom. She has always been such a wonderful example of God's love in action. She never ceases to remind us of our faith and where our roots lie, and she always is the first to join us in prayer over anything. Her heart is beautiful and I can only pray that I will become more like her!

  6. robsfarmgirl says:

    I looked at the WOF site and WOW looks like tons of fun!!!!
    My Woman of Faith is my Mom…I was raised in church and friends have come and gone but my Mom has been there always. She seems to know when to offer advice and when to let me figure thinks out on my own. I can remember getting up late in the night or early in the morning and seeing my Mom reading her Bible. She has lead by example and for that I am eternally greatful.

  7. Oh my goodness! I was just reading about this conference and would absolutely LOVE to be there!

    A woman of Faith in my life is my "spiritual Grandmother". I called her Mama Betty. She was a dear lady that was in my small group. Her husband battled cancer for years. She was always by his side and was so full of grace and love. She was a true example of how to be a good wife and mother. Then, in 2001, she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer shortly after her husband was in full remission. Just a few short months later, the week after my 18th birthday, after singing praises to her God with all of us gathered around her hospice bed, she went to be with the Lord. I still think of her often and of the great example she was to me.

  8. Kelly, You are one of my women of faith. You are so gifted and posess such courage and strength. Love you bunches.

  9. Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace says:

    Received an email entry this evening from Stephanie Gerken (no relation to me!) honoring her Grandmother Ileen, as a woman of faith in her life…

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